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Sigurd VS Fafnir

By Sa-chan1603
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Nordic mythological scene : The battle between Sigurd, the hero and Fafnir, the dragon.
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Great work, I hope someday you might create a followup to this one, after their battle.
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that book bloodsong by melvin burgess oh my fucking god u must read it ppl ur life will be changed for ever
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This picture is great!
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I love the dragon's pose in this, especially how he effortlessly clutches the rock with his right wing while making a turn. It looks very epic!
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Merci beaucoup !
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Stunningly perfect. Will be watching from now on! <3
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Thanks ! :)

More dragons to come !
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Siggy chose a really bad spot to fight a dragon.
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I think it's not the better place but it's the most epic one.
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Well, if Dwarf-turned-Dragon slaying was easy anyone would be doing it. Of course he is gonna end fighting in uncomfortable places.
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Anyhow, awesome piece!
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((I love the composition of this drawing. Wow. Sigurd just has the pro skills to defeat a dragon more than 100 times his size. I'm familiar with this story; the whole thing is quite sad.

Greetings from Norway.))
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Thank you very much for your comment !

Greetings from a French who loves your mythology and your country ! ;)
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((No problem!

Aww, I really appreciate that you love our country and mythology. I really like French art. :) It's so good, especially the portraits that the artists drew for monarchs and high ranking individuals.))
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I also doing this kind of "portraits à la française". There's paintings like that in my DA gallery.
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((*is checking your gallery*

So awesome. How could you even... :iconcannotevenplz: I cannot do that over the course of a million years... but you are so very awesome.))
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