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User behavior beware: Tregan/TheSocialistVegan

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 10, 2019, 1:27 PM
Alright, so i've had one or two interactions with this individual in which I have watched him act as a blatant detriment to people around him. He's incredibly abusive, and flip-flops between points of view while being extremely hypocritical on a regular basis.

I was in a group with them, another abusive user known as TheMightyShockwave, and other users who I will not name out of respect for their anonymity. This was during the Ga-Maleven incident.
Towards the end of the incident, a user known as Zeit attacked me for a precious disagreement we had and he told TheMightyShockwave to post everything he found to be incriminating in the group, where it caused another user in the group visible distress and this was targeted at a user in the group who had a panic attack and backed out of the group due to this.

This degree of abuse is unwelcome in any regard and both of these users are believed to have been guilty of this, as they found this course of action appropriate and are as such responsible for taking advantage of someone's psychological issues for their own gain.

Terry Regan/TheSocialistVegan also repeatedly posted vegan articles in the group which, at the time, no one really cared for since Ga-Maleven was already shoving that shit down everyone's throat before she got banned anyways. As usual, no one else wanted to tell him to stop because we clearly didn't give a shit that he was vegan and so on though the repeated posting of "This is why Vegans are good" articles got on everyone's fucking nerves, though after a few more posts I finally told him to fuck right off with that shit or i'd have no problem kicking him from the group, as everyone was already dealing with a psychotic user who displayed the same behavior and no one else wanted to be reminded of Ga-Maleven while in the discord group made specifically to escape her bullshit.

Eventually, he snapped, told me I was "showing my true colors" and quit like the beta male he is and immediately fled to the opposite side to nurse his wounds and gather a pity party to try and bring me down which, suffice to say, never works.

Ever since then he's been saying he doesn't want to get involved in drama, while continuously involving himself in drama. He'll block you and call you names before hiding your comments and trying to slander you while completely disregarding advice and saying DA staff should completely disregard a user's safety by doing an IP check so he can know if the IP of one user matches another user of whom he hates just to he can further dehumanize and attack them and feel justified while doing so. So please be careful dealing with this literal psychopath. If it weren't for knowing a few talented vegans who have some self-respect i'd be convinced all vegans are mindless drones.


Unfortunately for you Terry, no one is obliged to like a group of people who repeatedly prove they act like they suffer from some sort of psychosis. Me "hating" vegans doesn't make me a bad person since I know some vegans who I get along with just fine that aren't psychotic fuckwits, but stalking my page and running a smear campaign against me will do nothing but make you look like shit.
Oh and by the way; hiding comments only destroys your own credibility. Have fun being the new Ga-Maleven.


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