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People's Republic of China
I am a Chinese who likes ryona.
I believe young beautiful women are the perfect creature made by the God. The weak repeatedly fight against the strong is a tragic solemnity.
萧伯纳说过:Tragedy is to destroy all the pretty things for people to see.
Bernard Shaw once said: "Tragedy is to destroy all the pretty things for people to see."
Therefore, the conflict between weak girls and overwhelming evil is the perfect tragedy.
I admire their brave and tragic fate when they keep fighting after being defeated so many times, and I like to create art in this theme. For example, I depict the war between elegant elves and orcs, and the beautiful, weak elves fight and become wounded, sacrficed, captured, and tortured.
I use my DA account to publish my drawings. Since my English is bad, I cant publish my stories.
Disclaimer: some of my works involve violence. I strongly disagree with the violence against women in real world, and those people should be punished by law force. All the works in my gallery are fictional. It has nothing to do with the one who are hurt in the real world.
I am just a loyal fan of ryona. These pictures only help my fantasy and arousal. Compared with the real war, I am more attracted by cosplay or moving filming. I hope all the girls in my works are just the players who involve in the filming of a war movie. They only pretend as bodies for the sake of filming. After the filming, they will clean up their makeup without actual wound.


After the battle
In the far east, there are two hostile nations, the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of the sun.
The battle between them never ends.
After a fierce battle, The female soldiers of The two countries suffered heavy casualties.
Their bodies clung closely together.
The body pile integrated mountain.
Breast Milk - part 3
some elve troopers have been captures as prisoners by the enemy. they are taken to special facility to extract any milk they maybe have in their breasts. they do this also to humiliate the elve troopers before they die. they are locked into special chairs and have powerful suction tubes attached to their breasts. this makes great pain for them as it slowly forces the little milk out from deep inside the breasts. some elve troopers produce no milk and the enemy choose to excute them very quickly by shooting into their vaginas. this maybe sometime gives last chance for some milk to be extracted from the powerful orgasm the killed troopers have when the bullet strikes their clitoris.
the other troopers remain in the chairs until they die from greata pain when their breasts are forced to be empty of all milk.

Thanks to a friend who didn't want to be named.
Breast Milk - part 2
one elve trooper is get wounded very bad in battle. one other sister trooper comes to her. but the wounded trooper fears to be captured by the enemy. because they will maybe try to force milk her breasts until she dies. so the wounded trooper asks her friend to kill her in her breasts. the friend trooper shoots through both the breasts to be sure they are destroyed and will be no use for the enemy. the wounded trooper has big orgasm from the breast wound and dies.

Thanks to a friend who didn't want to be named.
Breast Milk - part 1
elve trooper 1 sees her lover (elve trooper 2) is in peril and maybe also wounded and she sees the enemy advance closer to finish and kill elve trooper 2. but elve trooper 1 distracts the enemy and invites their fire to give eleve trooper 2 a chance to escape from danger. but trooper 1 gets hit and fall from probably deadly injury to her genitals. she does not die instantly. she feel death climax grow but try to fight it. she knows if she allow herself to climax she will die. she tries to fight the death orgasm until medic troopers can arrive to maybe help her. very soon after the enemy attack ends, the troopers have the victory. trooper 2 goes quickly to her lover trooper 1 to comfort her.
but she is too late to help. trooper 1 loses her fight against the death climax and dies in orgasm in the arms of trooper 2. who cries because she is sad. but the dying trooper 1 tells trooper 2 not to be sad and she is proud to die in orgasm for her and that it is very great orgasm. trooper 2 looks and sees this is true because her intimate body fluids leak out from her vagina and breasts.

Thanks to a friend who didn't want to be named.


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