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Hi guys,

I posted a note a few months ago, looking for people to help me write an animated short film story.

Well, I actually have a story but I still need some kind of consultant(s).

So if you are interested in helping me writing the scenario, please send me either a PM on dA or an email

Send either a resume/demoreel, or anything that shows some experience in storytelling and/or film directing.

As a reminder, there is not any money involved in this project, so if writing stories is not your passion, I suggest you pass the 'offer' :D

I also am interested in networking with scenario writers.
Hello people!

Recently I was given the rights to upload movies on deviant art by :iconkingmancheng:. (thanks!)

I think I will upload my gallery quite often as i'm very productive these days.

Here is the first one:

Hope you'll like it!


I know DA is filled with talented people, that's why I'm posting here.
I'm working these days so I don't have much time for side projects but I kind of always want to make animation movies.
That's where I need you guys. Are you good at writing stories? Is your imagination flooded with stories you'd like to come to life?
If the answer is yes, then you should  contact me. I'm tired of my own story ideas, and I need something original coming from a 'stranger'.
I'm talking about collaboration, no money involved... I want to start working on this as soon as I have more free time, it would be a short movie (5 min max).
Hi guys!!!

I currently have the best job ever working on a video game based on my design.
It's called "Pixel Pygmies" and It's made by Amaranth games. Amanda (the boss) is the project manager / game designer / programmer.

I can't reveal much (yet) but it is gonna be a sandbox type game with LOTS of cool & cute creatures to take care of, and a whole small world to build.
It's a 2D game that is meant to run on mobiles and tablets, but NO WORRIES...a PC version will be available as well ^_^!

If you want to follow the work in progress, we have a facebook fan page >>>>>…
and a website: (coming soon)

I'll be posting my concept, design WIP there.

Spread the word if you like it :)

Thank you!
Hey guys, followers, everybody!
I need you to vote for my graduation movie here:…
It takes like 2 seconds and a half, and doesnt require any registration.
If you want to be even nicer, then spread the news :)


My graduation movie 'Ozo' is finally online:

Hello followers,

My sweet team and I are making a full3D animation movie named "OZO".
It's the story of a monkey-like creature who gets his preciouuuusss egg stolen by an evil black (and stupid) ostrich.
Here is our website:
Feel free to comment / let me know what you think and enjoy our WIP's until the film is done.

Thank again to all those who follow me.

Hey guys! First I'd like to wish a happy new year to everyone and then thank you for watching me, I really appreciate it.
I still have a little bit more than 1 year to endure before I can get the fuck out of my school and start making money.
Anyway, here is my latest showreel, watch it and heart it if you can. best