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Headphone Speaker Switcher 1.2

By S4wny
Rainmeter skin used to switch between headphones and speakers.

If it doesn't work edit the numbers in the .ini file:


To get the correct nubmers open "playback devices" in windows (right click the sound icon in the taskbar).
The item at top the is item number 0. Next item is number 1 and so on.
See this image to understand better what the numbers stand for:…


Designers feel free to fork and rework this design. I haven't seen any other skin that does this and works and I think a lot of people actually want this. So would be great if people helped redesigning and spreading this. :)

- Full source code can be found here:…


2015-01-20: Fixed the MSVCP120D.dll problem. Thanks to kyunid that explained how I could solve it! 
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can you make it so the one currently in use is highlighted?

Is there a way to add a third device?

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Edited the variables, saved, refreshed and still does nothing. This saddens me.
Thank you so much! works well!
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is this still supposed to work?  it says i'm missing msvcr120.dll and another similarly named DLL...  I'm using Windows 10.
Thank you !!! so much . honestly . lifesaver!. i will start working on making it aesthetic. :D
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Is there any ways to make this to where it can control more than two audio outputs? (Such as headphones, integrated speakers, and external speakers)
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This is really helpful! Thank you for this skin!
Before I had this skin I had to constantly switch the plugs in the back of my PC... that was really awful.
Help me please!!!! the Headphones button doesnt work 
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LOVE it! Thank you :)

I am working with the Radian Linear Visualizer 1.9.3... I have found that the switch does not seem to allow the visualizer to operate on both selections and am contacting the author to help me with the code... If you have a suggestion that would be great. I have NOT yet tested this behavior on other visualizers so... pardon. I am just excited and wanted to say thank you right away. :)

Mr Plan
Hey thank you so much for the perfect plugin. Is there anyway I can edit to say "Headphones" and "Speaker" side by side and not under one another? Thanks a lot.
Edit the X/Y options under [StrSpeakers] in the .ini

X=160 Y=00 works for me
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I wanted to thank you for this awesome tool. It's unique and absolutely one of the most useful tools I've got on rainmeter now. :D
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This is a great skin for Rainmeter, I switched the font to match the current setup I have, but it works perfect for what I need! :) 
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Hey man need your help, I want to change font on the skin but I can't get to it work by just writing the name of the font.

Please help!

update: nvm saw on a msg below what I had to do, thx anyway ;D
I've been using this skin for about a week now and it worked fine. However, just recently, when I clicked on Headphones, instead, the sound would switch to my speakers and vice-versa. Weird glitch but I fixed it by changing the order in the ini file. Even though Speakers was the first item in my Playback Devices, I had to set it to 1 in the ini file for the skin to work properly. Just wanted to share this so that it is known that it occurred.
Not working in my case
This is great, thank you! I've been trying to change the font but I can't get it to work. I changed it in BaseStyle but nothing happens when I refresh the skin. Any ideas? Thanks again!
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Happy you like it :)

Actually I have a typo in the .ini file, "Font=Trebuchet MS" should really be "FontFace=Trebuchet MS" (Font -> FontFace).
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AWESOME! Thanks!
Mine works perfectly unless I upgrade to the latest AMD Crimson drivers, any reason why that would break it? It allows me to change to my speakers but not to my headset no matter what number is entered
I had the problem where there variables were in reverse order, for example, the device at the bottom of the list of playback devices is 0, next one up 1, and so on. So I set the devices I wanted accordingly: the headphones button is set to switch to my computer's speakers (because for some reason my headphones don't show up in the device list, but they work when the computer's speakers are the default device). I set the speaker button to switch to my TV's speakers. When I click the headphones button on the skin, it switches to my computer's speakers like it should. However, my TV speakers become the "default communication device" for some reason. And then when I try the speaker button, it won't switch the default device back to my TV's speakers like it should. Any help?
This is awesome! Is there any chance you'd make a version of this for audio recording devices?
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Last night I upgrade my Windows 10 computer to build 10586.29 and it caused this skin to behave in reverse order. By this I mean my what was previously set to '0' and what was set to '1' were now reversed. If I clicked Heaphones, it'd turn on my speakers and vice-versa. 
It was an easy remedy, I just swapped the assigned number in the .ini file, but I wanted to provide a warning to any new comers who might come along, think it's broken, and not give it a try - it's still an amazing skin!
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