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finally, I can finish this VS. This is a different version of tampoyak on windows 7 [link]. This vs using top Taskbar. whereas for a more minimalist theme like in version windows 7, I still can not make it. because, to make a transparent taskbar is still very difficult in windows 8.

In this theme, you can change the color of the taskbar. You need ribbon disabler application for this theme.

- Copy all file in "visual style" folder to C:/windows/resources/themes.
- Use the Ribbon Disabler [link] to hide Ribbon windows 8.
- Read "Readme.jpg" to see tutorial and make small taskbar.
- For the icon, I make it with simple and transparent image.
- Other Tbaricon Blanker

- Black [link]
- White [link]
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Could you explain how you change the file explorer icons (the back and forward navigation arrows) in the darker theme? I love the way that looks, but can't seem to find a way to change it.
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u need used WSB to fix it ...
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windows 8.1?
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not yet dude...
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pls someone tell me why i cant install win themes?? i copied the folder to c:\win\res\theme folder and installed 2 patch for using themes and nothing...
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Great theme, I love minimalist interfaces. But how did you make all the icons transparent?
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make transparent icon by your self, and use Icon Packager or something to apply your icon.
where did you find a wokring tbar for windows 8?
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Tbar working on windows 8, but gone when pc restart. How to fix it? copy program tbar in startup program windows.
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Love the way it looks but my system is patched. Other themes work fine... This one turns up orange instead of red.. and much diff task bar... what do ya think?
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i like light version :)
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How can i personalize the navigation pane icons of the explorer how appear in the screenshot?
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Looking nice, i'll try it.
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Thank you ... love the dark theme
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exelente bro saludos lo posteare ami website y mi canal de youtube .. !!
Hello. Thank you for very nice dark theme.
Tell me please, how can i take buttons in explorer (i mean "Back", "Forward", "Up") like in your screenshot.
I previously install UltraUXThemePatcher, then ribbon disabler, then just copy files in such dir and apply theme.
Most in black and white themes i got default buttons.
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If you're on windows 8 you need to patch your system first ... this worked for me . [link]
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try another patch, dude!
Nice to see another dark theme added to the list.
it is my faverate theme . i like White theme very much.....
the theme is proved that you know how to make themes. please make amazing themes like that for win 8 and send link for me. Thank you very much for this theme....Good bye.
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