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Simple Getuk

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Update : 28 June 2013

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2. Segoe Print
3. Kroeger 05_55

Simple Getuk Visual Style
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> Windows 8 s4r1n994n.deviantart.com/art/S…
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> Simple Getuk Clock Rainmeter s4r1n994n.deviantart.com/art/S…

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New Simple Getuk Windows 8.1 New 

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On the "Read Me" file, what does it mean by 'Use icon replacement application'? Is that an application that comes with the installation of the theme, or do I have to manually download it? If it's the later option, could you provide a download link for it? I can't seem to find it through google, you see. 

But, other than that - great theme! I really enjoy minimalist themes, so this just made my day.
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oke thank u again hehehe
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Can you tell me which foobar theme is that?
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I wante one for Windows 7 
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i want, but i can't dud, i'm not use windows 7 anymore!
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no problem ! we have many others themes ;)
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i've copied everything in the visual folder to the windows\resources\themes folder and selected it from the desktop but still it looks the same, im using windows 8....? 
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try apply using WSB!
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Did you use the theme patcher?
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Same problem here...  I don't know if I installed it properly or not.  I followed the readme...
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I'm loving this theme, but for some reason Firefox doesn't like it. If you can tell me a possible way to fix this I'd appreciate it.

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I"m getting this exact same problem. It's so frustrating because I really like this theme, but firefox is my main browser.
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Love it, could you create a mac osx theme for the win8 as well? :D
s4r1n994n's avatar
hahaha ... i don't have mac osx dude.... really sory about that .... CURSE YOU! 
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Ohh this is nice, might even switch over from Base.
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oke ... go on  La la la la 
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what tool did u use to create this theme
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Really enjoying this theme! Well done! Good work on the taskbar.
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Cool work but can you tell us what is the wallpaper used ? Thank you.
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