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Ashva is now up for offers ! She's the perfect character for both beginners and experimented players ! She has a simple background that you can enrich a lot, but she's also simply ready for adventures already, with a lot of room for personal development !

She'd also be the perfect NPC to encounter in a peaceful city or in a camp, in a forest !

You can bid over there - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/56630743/

She does have a bit of lore, non mandatory ofc !


Ashva is a young Dragonborn who grew up in a tavern where adventurers often stayed for a few days. Her home was in the middle of a lovely swamp, the kind where you hear crows during the day and toads before falling asleep. Ashva’s family was loving and, pushed by her mother, the young Dragonborn quickly found out she had a passion for herbs and nature.

She learned all of the properties of the swamp’s flora and started making free tea to any adventurer that set foot in her home. She became an excellent cook, too, and knows many salad and soup recipes.

One day, her mother fell sick and Ashva spent an entire week brewing the best healing soup she could make. Thanks to her impressive knowledge, the fever faded in a few days.

This became her new goal in life : helping and healing people with her knowledge, her teas and cooking skills ! Her parents were supportive and happy for Ashva, offering her supplies for travels and survival in the wild. Her father gifted her a Druidic staff, which she adorned with a fresh lilypad, to remind her of the tavern. She’s now on the roads, her head full of hopes and dreams, searching for her very first mission.

What kind of adventure is she going to find ? : D

As a player, I'd suggest you give tea bags to other players if you happen to heal them ! Instead of just using boring old vials, literally make them drink tea : D

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