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Gradient Set Two

Set includes 10 custom gradients ( .grd ).

Made using Adobe Photoshop CS 3.

Terms Of Use:
- If you use fav or comment.
- A link to the gradient set in your description if you use on deviant or your website.
© 2008 - 2021 s3vendays
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Very cool one!

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Stealing all four because they're fabulous looking!
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Another beautiful set of gradients!
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Beautiful gradients!
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Very thanks for this:*
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I think these are a good idea... :)
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thanks alot for sharing tese too. :)
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You can stake claim on two colours merging into one other these days?
nucleocide's avatar
Nobody can claim copyright to a g radiant however a disclaimer doesn't hurt...
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Yes, actually it does. It trivializes actual terms and conditions.
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Are you seriously making a big deal about this? Who gives a crap. If it bothers you that much i'll remove the bottom part of the description.
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If I made them then yes, that and every site I go on does claim my brushes wallpapers etc.. as theirs.. and it's annoying.
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I do believe some have more than two colors, sir.
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