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Free Falling

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Hopefully, he/she will fall on a soft dream-cloud :)
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reminds me of dreaming and childhood. :+fav: i love it, this REALLY captures my imagination
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The colors are so NICE! :glomp: I :heart: dark blue. Dark blue + night + moon= complete and utter happiness! :3
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i love it....congrats!
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idiot comment, I know, but... "that's gonna hurt..." :giggle:
s3vendays's avatar
not if there is water at the bottom & if he lands right lol.
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nah, depends on the way you land on water... it can be pretty dangerous. I lightly enjuried myself jumping from like half meter... tell ya, nothin hurts more than landing on water FLAT!! :lmao:
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yes, that is what i meant by "if he lands right" :) i remember jumping off this platform thing and it was very high.. i sort of landed wrong and it hurt! at least the fall was fun.. until i hit that is :)
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hehehe. There is an italian songs which goes like "I get airborne, climb, stall and await the worst, which is not the fall but the landing" :nod:

"Prendo il volo
salgo, stallo
e aspetto il peggio
che non sta nella caduta,
ma nell'atterraggio"
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this is really cool looking.....kind of does remind me of a dream...yknow one of those kinds where u fall and when u land you'd just fallen out of bed
s3vendays's avatar
haha yeah. thanks for the compliment. :D
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It´s pretty!

Little sad =) but I've loved the sky efect!


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