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Trash The Hate

Please read my journal [link] for more infos :)
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I hate Nazis too.
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How is a political belief considered hateful?
I don't think it's as much about the political belief but more because the Nazis killed a good part of Europe's Jewish population.
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The Nazis did, but the German people did not.
Well of course,
To say German=Nazi would be preposterous.
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Nazism was considered a prosperous fascist system for the German, Austrian, and Italian people prior and during the second World War. My question still stands.
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fuck those damn nazi faggots
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cooler stamp mit 'ner kräftigen aussage
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Thank you for your kind message my dear white trash ameircunt. I'm sure you don't see the irony in posting insulting shit like that even though you say you don't hate on people, I mean you even put it in fucking bold in your profile. But then again you are a fucking Nazi and therefore can't have much to work with grey matter wise I guess. So I shall forgive you but let me tell you what I told my dear grandfather before he died: "Go rot in SS hell you piece of shit!" Actually those were my last words I ever spoke to him... feels good man :)
Now please fuck of and go back to sucking your moms hairy cock.
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You are a huge fucking disgrace to Germany, you do not deserve German heritage. Your grandpa is fucking awesome and he must be laughing at you right now. I can be a racist asshole if I want to, you anti-nazis can suck my dick. HAIL HITLER! LONG LIVE THE SWASTIKA! WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE! Pretty much all of my idols and favorite musicians are white. I do not fucking care about the Jews that you faggots worship.
Hitler spoke German before you were even born. I am sick of Latinos invading my
country and spreading the filthy marijuana. They are egalitarian morons who are pissed because they aren't white. I pretty much only like the whites, Persians, and the Japanese. Although there are a few exceptions if you aren't one of these races.
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hahaha, you have diactivated, how cool is that. :) Goodbye moron
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But Hitlerwas a Swiss or Austrians ... ._____.
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you're so cute. like a monkey with a funny hat or something :D
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Ich hab bis jetzt nicht geglaubt, jemals einen Anti-Nazi Stamp auf dA zu finden. Viel zu viele Amerikaner hier, die keine Ahnung von nichts haben.

danke ♥
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sometimes I feel that seeking for violence is also human's nature...........:<

they always want something to fight against it, want to know what thing is wrong so they can beat it away without trying to understand it............or even they just want something to hate............

I can feel this feeling in me too................and I kinda sick and tired about it.............I even write my journal about it recently.......

well, I shall accept my hatred, but I won't condone it :XD:
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trash the fash
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