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A unearthly beautiful being stands in front of you. Her pale skin has a slight pinkish tone and is framed by long hair that seems to be made of purple flames. More of these flame create a pair of fiery wings on her back which she folds to become a part of her rather revealing dress while she lands on the ground.
Songdevils are a rather Young addition to the endless Ranks of the Infernal. They are said to be the most beautiful devils and, unlike Erinyes, tend to use this ability to the outmost limit. They often meddle with mortal manners and try to win over important souls and bind them to hell. You will often find them at the courts of mortals with a lot of influence which they want to use to bring a tiny piece of hell to the mortal realm.
Songdevil CR 15
LE Medium Outsider (Devil, Extraplanar, Evil, Lawful)
Ini +10  Senses: Darlvison 60 ft., See in Darkness, Deathwatch, True Sight, Perception +19
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AST Ch.7 - The laboratory
Finally they went into the cabin. It looked pretty normal. On the first view.
"It's...empty? Just a friggin small table? No phone? No corpses? No...stuff?"
Jazz calmly looked around.
"It is empty...too empty...also the room is too short. This are about two and a half meters, not three as it should be..."
He walked up to the wall and took the stethoscope again. After a while of looking, listening and knocking he just pushed back a piece of the wall, leaving a metallic room behind it.
"Nice...I bet that's an entrance to the secret underground facility, or whatever it exactly is."
Alicia raised her eyebrow. "Well...ah have to admit that ah didn't expect sumthin' like that here."
Without hesitation Jazz grabbed the ladder and slid down, closely followed by Alicia.
They reached a tunnel that lead them in two directions. Right here all they saw was the cold stone this complex was built in and the anbaric lights which enabled them to see something at all.
"Well, shall we split up or flip a co
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AST Ch.6 - Smalltown Blues
Jazz and Alicia sat in the train to Ireland, to be more precise: to a little nameless town close to the southern coast of the island. Alicia was half asleep in her seat, thinking the meeting with their clients.
"So besides shouting at us for losing the shard, what happened again?"
She pretty much ignored the whole meeting and let her brother do the stuff.
"They told us where to find another shard, remember?"
"Yeah...and where did they say it is?"
"Somewhere in the town, they don't have more precise informations. So we have to ask around and find out. They don't got network there, it's pretty isolated so it wouldn't even matter if we had to make a mess...sounded almost like the client wanted it to be that way, I still would prefer if we could avoid a waste of human lives."
"Agreed...wouldn't do it any other way...still a good thing that we got new ammo..."
"Actually we haven't. The last shipment didn't arrive in time..."
Suddenly Alicia was awake.
"Are ya freakin' kiddin me? How shall w
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AST 5 - At the royals
At the same time Alicia and Jazz met with their clients, another important meeting was about to happen.
“About time...” a rather bored voice greeted the guest who was actually right on time.
“Excuse me milady, but as you might guess I have a rather tight schedule. Many important people to meet, speeches to hold, workers to motivate...”
“Oh if anybody could be nearly as important as I am...”
Thianna turned her seat and looked to the Doctor, drinking from a cup of tea. Her bodyguards stood right next to her, always ready to move.
The Doctor slowly approached her. “As matter of fact, you are today the most important person I have to meet. That's the only reason why I am on time and not late.”
“ you like to make people wait?”
“Make the peasants wait for god and they will shiver. When their minds are weakened speak to them and they will do as you please.”
Thianna raised an eyebrow. “...did you jus
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AST 4 - Chillout
When Alicia finally came home Jazz already waited for her.
"Hey there little sis. Did you deliver the shard already? Pretty fast..."
Alicia raised an eyebrow.
"What makes ya think that?"
"Well, we already got our payment, as it seems even with a bonus for your fast delivery."
"Wait...what? But ah hav... ah crap this friggin psycho...argh! He drives me nuts!"
Jazz looked pretty confused before Alicia started to explain the whole thing.
"Ah haven't delivered the shard, in fact it got stolen from me. That friggin Doctor and his weird mutant-girlfriend-pet-toy-slave-secretary-whatever-thingy got it now...but he told me that he wanted to pay for it anyway...freaky bastard."
"Wait a second..." interrupted Jazz.
"Are you saying he simply stole from us, still pays the work that we have done for another client, pays even more and that onto our special bank account where about nobody knows the account information?"
"Yeah somewhat like be honest, ahm not amazed that he knows the account
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AST CH. 3.5 - Meeting at the bar
Alicia wandered through the streets for a while till she found a bar. It was a somewhat classy place, but not too expensive. She headed right to the bouncer and gave him a small bundle of bank notes, the usual way if you wanted to go in fast and own enough money.
She looked around and found a small table in a rather shady looking corner. No one would bother her there if she couldn't earn some money with it.
Calmly she walked over and took the gas mask off  - and instantly regretted it. She hated the smell of smoke and it was definitely the strongest besides the smell of booze, cheap perfume and a slight note of sweat around. The usual in this kind of bars.
But the alcohol wasn't cheap, and sure not watered down or something, and a band was playing on a small stage. Trumpets, a violin and a anbaric harp gave just the right sound to accompany the girl that sang on the stage.
The shady corner was close to the stage but had no good view over there, but the acoustics were pretty good s
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AST Ch. 3 - The Chase
Soon Alicia ran over the rooftops of the city. As expected her brother had drawn a lot of attention to himself. At least the one of the normal police. She on the other hand was chased by special ops.
But their equipment was heavier and even though they were well trained they could barely keep up.
But they still outnumbered her and tried to surround her.
The chimneys on the rooftops were a good cover. As well as the pipes which ran over the roofs and underground. They were the veins that kept the city alive. If one or two would be damaged it wouldn't be a big problem. But if to many took damage the pressure would fall and the whole district would lose its energy supply.
It was still day, only slowly it became darker, so she was easy to see on the rooftops.
She heard gunfire and the very next moment she let herself drop to roll off and run on in another direction while she heard the bullets flying above her head.
She gave herself a second of rest behind a chimney, checking her gun.
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Mirage the Changeling by S31SH0 Mirage the Changeling :icons31sh0:S31SH0 3 0 Mecha Twilight by S31SH0 Mecha Twilight :icons31sh0:S31SH0 7 6
AST Ch. 2 - The Raid
The preparations were all set up. Alicia and Jazz were sitting in the car, with five criminals who were crazy enough to take part in a bank robbery. Obviously they were talking about them. And thanks to god they were not aware of the fact that they were runner.
"So how exactly did you get the plans from the bank?"
Alicia looked to Jazz, who just started to explain. "You know the network, right? If you know the right people there you can get almost everything."
"So, you are basically rely on a Information that a stranger gave you?"
"Eeeyup!" The look in his face were priceless. After a few seconds of pure silence AJ and Jazz started laughing.
"How stupid do you think we are?" she asked him. "We used multiple sources to verify our information."
He just caught a deep breath and nod. "Hope you are ready, we are almost at the bank."
After he went back to his men Jazz and AJ were returning to check their equipment a last time. The many little toys they used for their runs. Fortunately they w
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Steampunk Derpy by S31SH0 Steampunk Derpy :icons31sh0:S31SH0 289 21 New Generation (v2) by S31SH0 New Generation (v2) :icons31sh0:S31SH0 5 0 New Generation by S31SH0 New Generation :icons31sh0:S31SH0 7 0
AST Ch. 1.5 - Intermission
A few days later, in a small flat AJ and her brother were working on the preparations for their next run. They got the coordinates of the real Æthershard, the building where it was hidden and all relevant facts about the security.
Now they only got to find some people dumb enough to brake in there as distraction. Mere criminals were often used by runnner teams. Sometimes they get in jail, sometimes they don't make it out alive. Considered in this way, runner made the streets safer. If they risk something it's usually their own health. Part of their codex of honor.
"Whats up Alicia?" he wanted to check for her, since the run she was thinking a lot. He knew why. "Still mad that you got stopped? C'mon you knew that this could happen in any run...I am just glad that you are not hurt." She sighted. "Ah know, ah know, but that darn old wheezer just makes me wanna punch someone in the face. Ya know, I am one of the fastest runner around here..." He shook his head. "Don't mope around all
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AST Ch.I - The Raid
It all began on a pretty boring day in New London, the capital of the kingdom, built on the Ruins of the old ones. The Spring was already there but it was still pretty cold outside. Especially on the open terraces of the tourist airships. But obviously it wasn't cold enough for the tourists to enjoy the view. Not just tourists, all kind of people could be found on the airships. Also a very special couple. They pretty much looked like the others around here. A little bit more like adventurer, but still no uncommon sight.
"We will soon arrive...bis sis." She giggled quiet, it was always the same. She was nineteen but still around 30 centimeters smaller then her 'little' brother. "I know, maybe we can take a break after this. Things just getting me stressed the last days." She moaned. It was already the third job this month. Usually it was merely more then one in two months.
But the payment was good, almost too good. "Still got this weird feeling." Her brother pet her head and messed up h
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Celestias Thoughts by S31SH0 Celestias Thoughts :icons31sh0:S31SH0 5 4

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Okay obvious Portal Joke is obvious, but i won't say how awesome the game is and brag around that i finished the single player in about 6 hours.

Darn...did i just do it?

Anyway, the reason i am writing here is something completely different.

I am planning to write a story and I am thinking about to release it on DA. The Idea is to make it kinda interactive comic where the readers can partial decide what happens next.
Thats right - you can be part of it.

The problem about the whole fact is that i don't got a friggin clue how many users are here that are already watching me and how the interest about this is.

btw: how to make polls? would make it a lot easier for me and i am to darned lazy to search... :XD:
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