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Hey. I never read these journals when other people write them, but im gonna go ahead and write this one for me. So i might just be blabbering to myself. If someone DOES actually get this far, i hope you find what i have to say somewhat entertaining. And not just a whole bunch of blah :blahblah:

After being on dA for about a month or so I've learned quite a bit. Sadly theres lots of stuff about this site that bugs me... Hmmmmm... Where to start?

1. dA is mostly a site of popularity. I see stuff thats not even funny or not that good and people just smother the maker in positive comments because theyre jumping on the band wagon. To all those people, i want to say :stfu:

2. It annoys me how people comment AND favorite others just so theyll be favorited back. You can tell who these people are because their favorite list that has a whole bunch of suck in it. :no:

3. Some of the chat rooms here have so many regulations and rules that are pretty s2pid... I got kicked out of one for saying "Sup fooz" which was supposedly degrading. :confused:

Anyway.. dA as a whole is still pretty awesome even though im beginning to see lots of stuff that annoys me. Lots of the artists on here are very talented, and the site is a great place to find tons of inspiration. I'd have to say my favorite artist i have yet to see is "el-grimlock" so if you havnt checked him out yet you should do so. :D
His stuff is awesome :worship:

Oh- Also the little emoticons on this site are awesome.
Thats all i have to say for today. Peace. :salute:

If anyone ACTUALLY read this, tell me what you think.. im beginning to think im the only person who is bothered by these things. :worry:
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Definitely agree on that first one, the only reason I even check the "popular" section of "browse" is to count how many Naruto pictures made it into the daily favs, its something of an ongoing joke among my friends to send links to each other of terrible pictures that have no business having so many comments or page views or acclaim but do anyways.

Cant talk about the other two dude, I’ve got nine favs and never ventured into a chatroom.
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I agree, those things are really annoying.
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i like it better when ppl are truthful about likeing others art for actually likeing it.. i never went to a chatroom.. i think its a waste of time just to get yelled at.. some of my friends have been yelled at for stupid stuff.. when i first started da, i posted a picture of a wallpaper that is defalt on my computer and got cussed out for not saying it was defalt.. i said i am sorry and i changed it and still got yelled at.. some ppl take stuff to serious.. in my mind i just want to look them right in the eye and say.. skrew you! .. but i dunwana.. lol :)
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thanks for the comment on the stupid kitten picture :) and i agree totally with what u are saying.. my art sucks.. and i dont fav ppl just to get favs.. i try my hardest to get favs everynow and then is a fav.. the way i like it :) :lmao: i thought someone would totally fav that kitten picture but they didnt yet.. oh well :) lol thanks again
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ahh truths from a great wise master. i know what you speak of fer i have gone through the same thing. i also think people should only pick art that's truly cool to them. yeah people have different taste, but it's easy to tell when someone just wants to be favorited back. fakers :shakefist: nay ways c ya around man and thanks again fer the ninja.
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i read it i read it :D :D

i agree about the chat room thing, i get yelled at for accidentally putting an extra 'o' in 'soon'. they call it stretching i call it a typo :shakefist:

i favorite the pictures i like, of the people i like...i dont do it to get favorited back. it is a little silly to do that, i dont even see the logic in it...when people fave me i dont immediately rush off to fave them, i wait until i see something of theirs that i find funny or good, then i fave it...

:D :D is that what you meant to do? ^^; i like to babble too..
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haha yes. you did good. XD thanks for the feedback.
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