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Gangsta Pooh

By S2pidPants
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Winnie the Pooh! :XD: THE GANGSTA VERSION! he is by far the greatest/funniest/stupidest/randomest/awesomest/allthatotherstuff-est childrens character of all time! i can only attempt to do him justice with my art.

And if you think that "P" stands for "Pooh" try again. Heck no! that "P" stands for "Pimp"!

And notice the munny instead of hunny. I was feeling quite witty when that idea came to me :slow:

Characters belong to Disney or whoever.. all that jazz.
Idea and art by me. :X

EDIT: I added the magazine on piglets gun which was put in the sketch but i forgot to ink. The magazine makes it look more like an uzi and less like a hot glue gun. :o
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yo pooh you should try spendin some of that dolla on some pants
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nooo just no i feel scared-happy-creeped out
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It's probably been said 10000 times but the "munny" gag was excellent.
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10000 times? lol i wish- you make it twice now, so thanks.
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Pooh is da man....uh bear.

Good work.:D
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get yo paper Pooh!!!!!
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dont be all gettin up in ma grill, pooh D:

this rules. big time! XD
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lol thanks a bunch :D
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omfg... win. complete and utter win. XD
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omg gangsta pooh for the win!
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Haha great job! You really captured them well somehow ;) And it's a good idea!
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That... is the coolest...
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Gimme sum Hunny Mo fo! ;-)
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sry i dont got none :cries:
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Pooh gonna bust a cap in yo butt ;-)

:icondynamoe: Admin for Endsville
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LOL! I love this! XD If you make a follow-up to this picture, be sure to add Tigger tweaking out on blow. :dance:

This is awesome. :clap:
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HAHAHHA Munny instead of Hunny xDDD that it GOOD!!!
i knew the p was for pimp, p for pooh just sounds WRONG
xDDD i love piglet, in al lthe cartoons i always watched, i could always see that murderous glint in his eyes ...:paranoid:
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