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You've got 364 days or one year....and billions of lifes careless of our future
you want to convince someone a product of your imagination that you're taking great care of your planet..
WE KNOW YOU ARE NOT! STOP trying to lie youreslves...
Take a shelter or take a chance to change your childs future,
it's easy for a single person to flip a coin but why it's not the same
a coin to flip the world situation? Or a reason...

What's important is the key to your future..
Planet???? HELLOW earth? blablalbla.....
Once you have found the important things give them priority 
the place lovely earth where we would like to stay, grow, play and so on with childs..
Or fuk you i don't care i need to be a mining bot driving fast cars, having lot of girls and a house
at any corner...etc etc sure and maybe live 2 lifes got powerups...and riding with golden plate guns!

Mine for example is GOT WEED?
IF NOT ...
than Masturbate...and saddly where i do live it's still illegal having any weed even for medical etc etc purposes..
WHY? cuz' i don't know there ain't enough voices in the lobby to kill the bad fame..

THORIUM? at this point is a great story too and has it's own battles to fight just like the magic plant..
IF weed no metter what made it somewhere ...why should not we unite as one voice and say or yell
WE WANT A BETTER FUTURE ,,,green fields sky.... ICy ICE AND NOT MELTING world fallin into pieces like the twin sisters..etc

But if you exchange time for power IN THE EQUATION 
where do you find it? PEOPLE :::  POWER TO THE PEOPLE ...
more and more you gather the better your opportunities are to obtain certain results..
otherwise no metter how reach or poor believe me you're future is ..... GREY ..even if you consider it GREAT's not all gold that shines..

So all in all the reasons our "society" is falling and failing day after day since like ever after the great industrial revolution is ....
because we got delayed or shorten with water as good old whiskey...
Strange because we're much more than before but yet we can make our mind about the important topics and threads or treats in our life ..
or future or planet or whatever is our daily task...

We more and more behave like computers...multy tasking stupid task like running a clock a car a job a house a wife ..etc..
but the important problems of our world are just falling of our hands into our..... yes righ there!


and if you believe politians are a obstacle you're wrogn consider them more like a traction control or fall into pieces saftey system...
IT DOES NOT STOP the car or craft from navigating and operating but it helps it to not colide etc etc 
WE have invented our own rules and politics runs them doens't it look like computers ?
WHo is behind the the computer a computer or another human that need a world to operate?? 

Let's say for istance there is a glitch or huge bug in the world..
a worm known as bitcoin ...but the problme is not the coin itself 
but how they want to use the bitcoin to overclock the world, buffer the time
and challenge "if" port-door with thousands of question that doesn't metter nor are important..

so people are getting into crypto mining shit every day because times are harsh..
world is rubbish...and money is always sweet to rats.

Maths i hate mats and the only thing that can make you think and masturabate on numbers all day 
every day 7/11 is MONEY i hate MONEy!

After quick check on youtube ..ideas ..know how..rigs..
conclusions... if you drop 1kw of the grid and load it in your home your gonna gain from 100 to 140...$ a day..
if you draw less than a 1kw than you most probably are ok but not that cool...

So yeah all in all the idea is to let people drop those mofos KW out of the grid as fast as possible and at the same
time give a reason to deliver more and more that let's say ..every grid got a mark or question like logical ports..
and you got if at the center of the mother of the grids...every day is gonna be a port or back door therefore ...
What,when why, how , who, how much etc.... you'll discover everything spins around HOW MUch ..or also know as quantum...

It's all about people lazy or that are not able to be among us and just buffering you with boring questions like how much do you want
to do this for me or that ..or how much you need to go there etc..etc and that what all the monetary system is based on...

Sharings or exchanging who for when fractum how much... ignoring why etc
Algorithms... at this rate the whole math grid will be off soon...

What if at this point the math and number is just the holocage that holds the world in place and just by error of calculation it falls 
what will happen then? keep minning and will find sOON ..

see ya space cowballz.

ps. still considering time shit?
think of life like a casino in las vegas...
you're inside with your one and only coin or chance etc and want to play a game 
and you got that one and only coin you step to the game you want and insert the coing and the game begins...
money actually is bots that steps beside you and want's to still your choice your coin and play the game for you ...

Would you at this poin get mad ..or rather prefer to step away and let them play it for you and just enjoy the show???

Think ..but don't overthinking !

pps. still having doubts ? than consider this ...
life's too short to live somebody else's dream!
And even all of the money will never be able to give you back your years...your childhood..your beloved..your life..

Rops by S2501V

  • Listening to: nature sounds & stuff like that
  • Watching: Sunset Unlimited


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