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Support me on Patreon and get art with your character every month + over 300 my arts in hi-res + originals (4 slots open)!

JANUARY arts on Patreon:

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With it you can get originals of all arts that I'll post on Patreon + all other rewards. Check it out on my Patreon.


Samples of the commissions:

  • 1 fullbody art with 1 character = 30$ or 3000pts
  • Original (for commissioners) on paper = additional 9$ + shipment (about 11$)

How to make an order:

  • Write me a note here.
  • Include in your note everything, that I must notice (references, samples, story, etc.)
  • I make an art and send digital copy to you.
  • If you okay with that, pay for order.


  • Paypal: Go here
  • Points: I will be taking requests for the points until it has filled my pool, but paypal more preffered
  • Patreon: You can become my Patron and get commission every month.
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I would like to commission 2 pieces, my character and my girlfriend's character. I was hoping to get an action shot of each, Ellie with her bow drawn and Iyzen swinging his greatsword Hazirawn. I have had a commission done of these characters which is attached for your use, as well as an image of Hazirawn. If you want to add clothes/gear to your shot (a cloak on Ellie, Iyzen wearing his hood up vs down, etc) do as you please!

Iyzen is a half-elf vengeance paladin / hexblade warlock who serves the Raven Queen. He is a broody, grumpy, edgy 18-year-old who is 6'5" and uses brute force and intimidation to achieve his ends. He has an oath of vengeance sworn against the Cult of the Dragon, who murdered his family.

Ellie is a wood elf ranger. She fell into the Feywild and lost her memories, she is searching for her family. She is an incredibly accurate and deadly archer, she is kind and whimsical and travels with her beast companion, a nameless raptor she raised from an egg.

Each of these characters has a follower/familiar. Iyzen a raven named Tyggi (a disguised imp given to him by the Raven Queen), and Ellie has a raptor. If you can incorporate them, great! If not, no worries! If there is an extra cost for including these two, let me know!

This project is for a christmas present. There isn't a huge rush, I just didn't know what your lead times were like. You can send any questions or comments to

Best regards,

Joe Halligan / Tyrannopotamus

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Haz 3
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Hey ^-^ Your art is just wonderful! If your commissions are open I was wondering if perhaps you might possibly be willing to draw my fennec as a fantasy barbarian berserker type. The main things to look for on my character are a heart shape mark on the cheek under their left eye, and 3 chunky earrings in the left ear. (right side when they're looking at you) Other than that they have very long hair, at least butt length, and very big long ears and a large fluffy tail. For the outfit, I'd leave that up to your masterwork but I do love belts, chains, leather and furs so feel free to throw those in however you feel would work if they fit your vision. For a weapon they generally use a very oversized sword of a chunky sort of almost orcish look but I'll leave that up to you. Any big heavy weapon would work for me be it a sword, hammer, axe, glaive etc. Quite honestly I'm in awe of your costume design so I'd very much be happy with anything you created. Just if you could make it asymetrical that would be just perfect. Please let me know if you're willing to give it a shot either here or @surryfox on twitter/twitch Thank you!

Surryfox's avatar That's my current ref sheet, but if you could make the ears a little longer than pictured that would be much appreciated, and feel free to play with the hairstyle in any way you like, be it braided, ponytail, or whatever. ^-^

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I'll start tomorrow ^_^

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Sounds great! Can't wait to see what you come up with! <3 Thank you so much for taking the challenge!

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Hello! I recently saw your work with Maran, half-orc marshal and I fell in love with your style. If you have an open commission slot, would you be interested in drawing another half-orc marshal with a flail and steel shield? He is a worshipper of Gozren and is really good at intimidation. He wears a set of full plate armor adorned with spikes and animal skulls. Face/Body can be similar since that's almost exactly what I imagine he would look like. Hoping to hear back soon!

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Your art is ready

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I'll be free on Friday.

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Hello saw your work on some Holy Symbols and wanted to discuss with you doing a collection of them but would like to know pricing since yours is based on number of characters and secondly it will be a collection of

20+ symbols so I don't want to flood this note with all said information as it were.

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10$ for simple symbol and 15$ for more complicated (more details and complex form)

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Ohhh alrightie then that is a decent pricing I can work with that I'll contact you include the details shortly sorry for the delay in the posting

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Hello, are your slots still open? Just saw some of your art and Im certainly interested.

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Are you comfortable with drawing a giant direwolf? It serves as companion for my character, which I would love to include. Yet if not possible, it's oké ^^ (idea's enough XD)

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Character and other large creature do not fit on the A4 sheet. I can draw him separately

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ah, to bad. Had hoped to get them together XD Yet two humanoid characters would fit on 1 page, right?

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Depends on the poses.

s0ulafein's avatar

These poses are suitable

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Do you have any slots left at the moment?

How much extra do you charge if the character as a familiar?

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Hello! I'll be free at the beginning of next month. I'll not take addtitional payment if familiar not too large and complex. Send me note with your character's description and I'll start when be free.

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Considdering the high quality of your artwork, I think you are underpricing yourself! 
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but I have very few orders. Most of time I draw characters for my patrons.
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I see... least you can relate on your patrons. And I figure around Christmas and for Birthdays your business will pick up. 

I would commission you myself, but I already commissioned some very talented artists recently - but perhaps in a few month time...
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