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Realms of Aundora: Keggan

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Published: July 17, 2016
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Concept of Keggan race for Realms of Aundora project.

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Keggans are the largest race in the realm. They stand between ten, and twelve feet tall, making them considered to be large beings. Their hands are oversized, allowing them to easily grip a two handed weapon in one hand, or wield outrageously large weapons. Their stomachs are huge, making up most of their girth. They are often considered in weight by barrels. A medium sized Keggan might be 2 Barrels, meaning their stomach alone was as big as 2 kegs of mead. Their heads are usually fat, and egg shaped. Most of them sport extremely long mustaches that cover their mouths, or have wide mutton chops that run the length of their jaw line. Their hair is usually shorter, and extremely curly. They are known to have a varied degree of hairstyles, and take pride in their looks. They are drinkers, so much so that the taste of water makes them extremely sick. In order to avoid that, Keggans carry around giant kegs wherever they go. Their extreme consumption of alcohol has turned their stomachs into powder kegs, and grant them the ability to light their breathe on fire. This also makes them very succeptible to fire, and a walking bomb, should they ever be engulfed in flame. If a Keggans core temperature raises above 110 they are susceptible to fatal reactions. Making their stomachs glow a deep red.
Keggans are extremely perceptive, and passionate about what it is they pursue in life. Their constant consumption of alcohol though can have drastic effects on their mood, allowing them to be fun, friendly and outgoing one minute, and becoming cynical, untrusting, and full of rage the next. Keggans tend to hold keeps in several parts of the realm. Their small numbers and large size never see any of the towns larger than a few dozen Keggans. Their largest city is known as Karmark, housing over 150 keggans. Keggans are not feared in the realm, nor are they welcome to a lot of the towns within it. This is mostly due to their size, and the fact that the smaller races towns can’t accommodate them easily. This leads to a lot of Keggans either staying in tight knit communities, or becoming lone wanderers who live off the land. Because Keggans drink all the time, they carry a keg of alcohol with them wherever they go. It is known in their society that you must never ask a keggan what he has in his keg, and must always drink when offered. Keggans are known to be publicly offended if either of these two things are broke, and most of them consider it as offensive as murder.

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