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Planescape Torment: Fall-from-Grace

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One of thousands of children, Fall-from-Grace was sold by her mother, Red Shroud, to the baatezu, the tanar'ri's mortal enemies. After suffering years of mental torture, she was able to best her baatezu masters in a contest of innovation and won herself her freedom.
Fall-from-Grace is a creature of contradictions. She is a cleric but worships no god. She is formed from pure chaos and evil, but is lawful neutral with a good bent. She runs a Brothel for Slaking Intellectual Lusts. Perhaps the oddest of all, she is a beautiful succubus, but is by all appearances chaste. While many in-game characters are quick to indicate her heritage and proclaim that she must have some sort of demonic and evil scheme, no such plot on her part is ever indicated. Although she can only inflict physical damage with her touch, she can also kill with a kiss. She cannot stand the feel of metal and is, therefore, unable to utilize any sort of weapons, a nod to the Tana'ari traditional weakness to cold iron in D&D.

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No problem!
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She was always  one of my favorites out of Torment, this is a beautiful picture of her.
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Thanks again!!!:happybounce: 
I don't like her base hair and dress, so I made my own designShrug