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Plaescape Torment: Vhailor

By s0ulafein
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Vhailor was, in life, a Mercykiller, dedicated to bringing uncompromising Justice to all those who had done wrong in their lives and revered by his comrade-in-arms for his unending zeal. He was presumed dead by the order after chasing a criminal through a portal from which he never returned.

The portal had led him to a forgotten cell in the prison beneath Curst (border town to Carceri and home of traitors), where the criminal he sought had offered to surrender himself. It was a trap; the criminal's betrayal, enhanced by the betrayals of all in the town above, powered Vhailor's prison and sealed him away.

A fanatical Mercykiller who is lawful neutral, Vhailor's drive for Justice is so strong that it enabled his soul to remain long after he had died and his corpse rotted completely away. He now inhabits his suit of armor and does not appear to recognize that he has died. He simply doesn't think about it - and why should he, when there are so many criminals in the Multiverse to bring to justice?

Vhailor merely stood, and waited. The passage of time lost all meaning, the basic needs of the flesh were silent. When his body withered, died and turned to dust inside his armour he did not notice. Vhailor became what he had always held himself to be: an incarnation of Justice.

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AngelicAdonisHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome detail on the armor! :D
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s0ulafeinHobbyist Traditional Artist
:D (Big Grin) 
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Glad to see you keep doing these, Planescape has such interesting characters and designs.
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s0ulafeinHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks!Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] I'm going to draw all the companions Nod