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TheLegendaryLastMoleHobbyist Writer
Hey Steff, you may not remember this but about a year ago, I left a particularly rude comment on your Carefree animatic. I wanted to apologize, both for my behavior and the length of time it took to apologize. At the time, I was dealing with a rough time in my life and lashed out unfairly at you and your video. I felt horrible after the fact and wanted to apologize, but I felt like I didn’t deserve to do so based on how I acted so I rather selfishly held it to myself. I’m sorry how long it took to get this to you and I’m sorry for my actions.
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Wow, I'm honestly deeply impressed by this now.

Openly writing an apology is very manly and kind of you, you have my respect!

To be honest, I don't remember a lot of this, so I think we can both be relieved it didn't affect me adversely.
Still, thank you very much for your honest apology! I forgive you.

Have a wonderful day~

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ZPAINTERStudent Artist
I liked your south park animation.
It was cool.
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Thank you kindly, glad you enjoyed it :D
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PParreiraHobbyist Filmographer
Was browsing 9gag at lunch break and Trashmaid popped outta nowhere, t'was such an awesome surprise! x33
People loved it!! ^u^
At least the people that didn't make me wanna strangle them with my shoelaces with their cringy comments and lame references.
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You know what people from 9gag comment section are, bunch o' chimpanzees.
It's really the only page where I stopped reading the comments because I felt like losing my braincells with every word I read. xD

Still, 9gag is cool for spreading it. happy someone uploaded it there. ^^
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JWiesnerProfessional Digital Artist
Your Trashmaid series got featured on 9GAG (luckily with credits and everything). c: