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Fractal Forest

First work of this year for "Fractal Multiverse Beings" project. This started only with a c4d abstract render but finish with a lot of fractals.
Happy New Year!! by S0mniaLuc1d0  Concept 78 by S0mniaLuc1d0  Rein's library by S0mniaLuc1d0  Mechanical Medusa by S0mniaLuc1d0  Concept 065 by S0mniaLuc1d0  Kaede by S0mniaLuc1d0
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It's really beautiful! It looks like a wild forest.
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Thanks!! yes more or less i tried to give it a wild look but with the fractals looks more strange.
fractals works really well in some types of abstract backgrounds :).
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You're most welcome! :heart:
It really does.
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Beautiful work on this!
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a very lucid detail forest~ Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
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Thank you Tetris!!!Llama Emoji-62 (Rawr I'll get you) [V3] 
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anytime kein :3Chili Anime Emoji (Yay Cheer and Fight ) [V2] 
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I dunno what "fractal" means, but this is incredible regardless.
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Thank you!!
fractal are geometry objects that repeat patterns in their structure: even the
most tiniest part of them are a reflect of the whole piece. exist even music that have fractal parts.
In my case i use a program to create diferent types of 3d fractals that have a abstract look and i combine them to
create backgrounds scenes. Most people dont know but i have used fractal a lot in my drawings.
For example in this three works i used fractals for diferents effects: explosion, flowers and waterlike :).
Tunguska by S0mniaLuc1d0   Made in Abyss by S0mniaLuc1d0 Phosphophyllite by S0mniaLuc1d0  
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Pretty stunning,man ! :D
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Thank you my friend!:)
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it kind of looks like its all made up of light, i say this cause the purple kind of reminds me of space. it kind of makes me think that this could all be a dream
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its all a dream,onion head 'sleep'  this whole series begin has a dream.
Also its related to my profile name "somnialucido" means "lucid dream"onion head 'so what' 
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There are so many things here that i don't know what to watch!! D:
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