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Pretty much as the title says. Yeah, my main job contract finished up two days ago, and now all I got left is couple minor jobs and stuff since my next contract was rejected due lack of funding. Could've probably been fun to work as product designer, but oh well, next time then.

For now just have to focus on resting a little bit before jumping back to drawing stuff and such. Might just have bit more free time around this year, at least until summer I guess.

So, yeah, might upload some stuff soon again.

Happy New Year of 2014 everyone.
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Eh well, been busy year so far, and it's so far, what, almost september? Oh well.

Going to post bundle of stuff sometime next month or two, I think, of what I've managed to get done so far. Heckuva lot I need and what I'd like to get done yet, too, though.

Otherwise, I guess, life goes on as usual, busy busy and such.
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Another year, another prank, or something.

2012 was a blast. Though, kinda busy too. Spent all the year learning to make jewelry, sculpt clay and airbrush stuff, among the normal job things I had to do make some living and pay off them supplies...

Still, I've earned quite a bit to get some good off-time from normal jobs for this year at least, I hope. Just one month to go with my current contract and there we go~

So far for 2013, I've planned mostly in finishing up most (if not all) my unfinished projects and shorter comics, maybe do some more airbrushing, then if time permits, some more jewelry and clay stuff. Guess we'll see how things go after january. :)
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So, yeah, just noticing anyone watching me that I've gots my own art blog (been there since 2010?), where I update my current in-progress projects, life stuffs, work thingies and other various tidbits. :)

You can see it over here:

Other than that, been just busy with job among other stuff lately. Hoping things get little easier from now on, as I have tons of stuff to do...
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Yeah, they operated my mouth yesterday, took out the last stubborn wisdom tooth that had been bugging me sometimes. Took 'em some 20 minutes, I think, to scour my jaw for the tooth fragments as it had grown onto the bone or something. One thing I figured out from all of it...

It hurt like friggin' hell! Well, not the operation itself, but after the anesthesics run out... And I still had my work shift to do, as I didn't expect them to operate on that day yet. Oh well.

So, I kinda noticed that I can't eat any solid enough foods yet, and my jaw hurts like bitch. Everything I put in my mouth tastes like blood. Can't move my jaw or it hurt. Can't yap much or it hurts. Can't... well, do anything or it hurts. Wait, I can sleep at least. I think.

Soooo hey I feel kinda funny, being sorta high on pain and painkillers and from lack of solid foods, devouring only liquids and some soft stuff I found at the back of my fridge, sooooo...

Let's art some! I need distractions.
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Forgot to put up journal earlier about it, but 15th of this month, it turned out to be exactly nine years since I started drawing. Sure, I might have drawn a pic or few while I was kid, but that's when I started working on that particular skill seriously.

Been kinda fun nine years so far. I've drawn traditionally and digitally, and expanded over time to painting with acrylics (and some watercolors and oil-based paints), made a couple wall paintings... among lotsa other stuff, recent ones being learning how to sculpt clay as well to create jewelry, which seem to be working out nicely (I've even sold some of finished products of latter two as well).

Still, lot more there to learn yet. And so many ideas to draw out, too.

As for plans for future... I was recently offered a place in art school in north. Even visited the place, they had all sorts of courses there ranging from clothes designing to digital and traditional arts. Interesting place, really, and the best thing? It would cost me almost nothing, according to them. o_O Free room, free teaching, maybe even free food on most days. Even though I have job and all going on in my life at the moment, I'm considering maybe getting there... It could be interesting. But we'll see. :3

Also, I was offered to be taught chainsaw sculpting some. Sure, it is noisy work, but seems rather fun.

But hey, back to drawing. I gots plenty of ideas to draw. :D
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Well, thought I'd update my journals a little. Been kinda busy with everything until few days ago. Work, class, learning new stuff... Like, clay sculpting and silver jewelry making. Fun stuff. :D

Got about month of free time at hand now, so planning to work on various projects of mine that I've left unattended for like... years at best. Or well, I'm hoping to get into finishing or at least progressing on them. :XD:

Really should update my website too, but ehh, always was busy with something else. I do have however, my art blog of sorts where I upload some quick works and sneak peeks of current stuff I've gotten done... Lotsa sketches too.

You might want to check it out sometime over here:

Othen than this, might update again when I have something importance to say, I guess. Well, toodles!
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Eh, the heat waves continue. Wouldn't mind the heat if it didn't heat up my home so much or sapped my energy so much. Anything I do makes me just want to run into cold shower to cool off every few hours, but oh well.

Hoping some break in the heat and work so I can get back into drawing more stuff. Now though, I think I'll go looking for some ice cream.
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Hm, no matter what I do, there always seem to be distraction in the form of one or other trying to keep me away from drawing. Especially after I started getting more into this thing called 'social life'. Eh.

Otherwise, been just upgrading my equipment and supplies gradually, though I still need to really learn to use some of it yet. I'm hoping this coming summer grants me enough time to do so.

Really should get into working on my projects and others as well too... Many of them are ways behind their scheludes. Just have to try to pick on and get into doing it then, I guess.
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So, another year past and beginning of new one. Have to say,2010 was rather busy year job and art wise. Though, I really didn't get to do much of my own stuff. Otherwise really productive year, me thinks.

Now though, my recent job contract ended, and I'm basically unemployed, until I get my stuff in order and get back to freelancing. At least, I gots now a bunch better equipment to work with. :D

Will probably post more detailed update to my blog later on...
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Bah, I seem to be always lacking time to draw nowadays. And I've used my new tablet only few times since I bought it over month ago... Oh, well. Got a little longer than usual weekend now, I'm using the time to get things in order to get the extra stuff over and done with so I get to do my own things anytime soon. And play some games too... I've gotten only few hours of Aika Online and Fallout 3 + Fallout New Vegas in so far past month, two.

Kinda rant-journal, I guess? Oh well. Just letting people know that I'm still around, just lacking activity. For the time being. Might upload something soon though if I get to even doodle something. Though, I think I'll go grab some nap or two, since I get to finally patch some of my lack of sleep from past weeks.

Also need to figure out why my car consumes so much gas lately. Everything seems to be working right, even visit to garage didn't reveal anything wrong... They even set it to minimum gas intake. But it still goes somewhere...
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Been lately working quite a bit on my computer as well some others. Finally got the components this week so I could upgrade mine slightly as well build that one custom order... Was quite a bit of work that one. Almost done by now, though.

Waiting for my new tablet to arrive around next week too. Quite bigger than my current one, so... Might do few test images. If I have the time from work. :p

Lots of things to work on yet here... I'm hopin the next few weeks will be easier so I'll have more time.
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Well, this was rather surprising day as well tiring as usual... The heat wave continues, and new records are being broken everywhere. Even my flat has been around +30C for several weeks now, and today actually almost breaking to +31C. And they said this will continue at least this week yet. Funny that it becomes hot weather suddenly when I have need to work inside or at my computer.

Also, my new job is rather busy one, though I get to paint stuff. Here's a little journal of sorts at their site how my work is progressing:…

On other news, had bunch of odd coincidences happening around today. Three... four times, I think. Odd that. But all seems well in the end, though.
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Got a new job lined up in the horizon, as well probably some paperwork to fill out as a result. Will be probably busy for few days before getting back to normal schelude art-wise.

So far, June was pretty busy with everyone visiting and all the events around. But all good though, haven't had decent summer vacation for a long time, so...

My car required loads of repairs lately, but it seems to be all fixed up for the time being. At least until I can get a better one.

Well, more news later when I get things running smoothly.
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Title says it pretty much... Had my cousin visit here this week (though I had to drive over to the town he lives in to get him and then drive back, but eh, the weather was pretty good for road trips). We played Borderlands on LAN most of the time, but since I don't really have much opportunities like this anymore (or for playing games generally anyway) it was pretty fun. :)

I picked up a Soldier and he grabbed Hunter for his character, and we reached level 48 in pretty much three days from scratch... Found some good weapons too. Though, we still have to finish remaining half of the tournament level and barely started on the General Knoxx's expansion...

Anyways. Got back from his place this morning, after spending some time and last night over there after driving him back home. Farmland air is pretty relaxing, especially since it was good weather over there too. Even got some meat and strawberries to fill my freezer with. :D

For now though, getting back to regular schelude. Oh, and while I'm at it... I managed to update my site during this week slightly, just enough to open it sorta. Do check it out over here and tell me whatcha think? :)
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Weather's cooling down a bit finally, though I think the thunderstorms erupted at south might come here sometime later. Well, going to enjoy this as long as possible.

Visited my old workplace today with my sister and her friend. Was pretty fun trip, my car seems to work too (for now). Also discussed possibility of getting hired again over there at some point during the summer... Well that would be neat. Here's hoping things will go well.

Meanwhile, I'll be doing commissions and stuff to earn bit of extra money. Should probably post my current rates somewhere too... But well, while we're at it, here's something else too.

I've been working on some concepts with my commissioner taintedutopia for his awesome game Xenofall. Some of my works (but his copyrighted property now since he bought 'em :D) can be seen in his gallery so far, if you want to take a look. :)
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I got this from :iconvolvom:

Be one of the first 20 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will add you to the Featured List!
For each of the 20 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery on the list.
If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing the list with 19 other people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone. (or, you know, whatever...)"


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Sophie's SearchSophie's Search.
By Marcus, with lots of help from Nomad and Rohana.
The cold grey industrial building loomed large in the fading light of the day. Its sides and fence curiously unlit, so the whole site was cloaked in gloom. The stillness and growing darkness broken only by slight clinks as the armoured guards paced the length of the fence... and a flash of white darting between two semi-trailer containers. The sudden movement somehow caught attention of the nearest guard, the vertically aligned red 'eyes' of their helmet slowly scanning the container area.
A bright amber eye peaked back, sensing the guard's stare, but hidden in the shadows the creamy-coffee skinned girl's gaze went undetected. After a long slow moment the guard shook their head and continued on.
Sophie let out a relieved breath as she watched the guard walk off, brushing a hand back through her pigtailed white hair, silently chiding herself for not bringing something to hide it under. It was easil

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Carnage Fiend
When the short uneasy peace ended Eggman invaded Doomman’s main empire using a new unit that was rampaging on the fortified outskirts and when he saw it inflicting massive damage on the camera feed he didn’t recognize the ten foot tall mech and he realized that the treaty was delaying a tactic so he could bring his new toy into the war and while the war waged he had this unit in development but it won’t be ready for war for a long time and it will miss the chance to take part in the superiority wars.
Crew: 1
Height: 9.00
Width: 8.00
Engine: Dark Fusion power plant
Max road: 80mph
Max off road: 70mph
Armor:  100in thick zinium armor
Sword:  super long zinium sword
Shoulder weapon: m120 duel ion minigun,
Max aimed range: 1 mile (can be less due to terrain obstacles)
Day: 1 mile
Night: 1 mile
These rounds travel faster t

Mature Content

These’s plans were discovered in an abandoned, old soviet battle lab located at a ruined base near the coast line near the Japanese mainland by my elite spy team while on the human planet along with sonic and his inferior friends; I got a big package  which contained a lot of  modified blueprints after the team returned. It also had a lot of history behind the heavy tank; this was a lucky find by my team which earned them a promotion; the soviets didn’t care about the lost project since they had a better tank to you but it’s useful and the tank fills the gap in my arsenal and it will prove very useful in future wars and it will remain in my hands forever.
CREW: 3 men
HIGHT: 2.19
WIDTH: 3.55
ENGINE: dark fusion reactor
MAX ROAD: 80mph
ARMOR: 8in thick zinium armor
CALIBER: 166m dual barrels
RATE OF FIRE: 1 shell per barrel every 7 seconds
LOADER TYPE: auto loader




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Well, on May 15th it became seven years full since I started drawing and stuff. Been a long, long way from there.

Still going strong, with occasional art block and real life interference, for there's much to learn yet.

Oddly enough, two of my old tutorials from 2004 are still attracting viewers and favourites, despite being... somewhat outdated. My style has changed a lot since I made them, so I probably should make new ones in near future.

Otherwise... Being currently unemployed, pondering about the local jobs as well starting up freelance business of sorts. Drawing as much as I can... =P The usual. Well, back to drawing board, got stuff to do.
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Heh, been over year since I last updated my journal here. Well, I guess I haven't had either the news or time for one.

Last year was pretty much kinda boring, with few exceptions. Got a job, which I still have until end of April, trashed my car, got new (old) one... Yeah, that's pretty much it. Didn't really get to do much new arts either.

But, now's 2010 and there's been lots of stuff to draw out. Website or two to update. Two jobs to do (got asked to teach drawing for kids), so things are pretty busy nowadays. Just have to schelude lots of stuff so I can still have enough free time to work on my own stuff, like the comics. Haven't updated those for ages...

Well, I guess this is it for journal update for now. Let's hope the next one isn't whole year away. =P
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Well, first journal for this year and stuff... Haven't really updated anything here for a while, but I'm working (or at least trying to) on some things.

And well, I've got some sort of lazy feeling for the time being again, so it might take a little while. Days, weeks, who knows.

Oh, and people are still faving those two old tutorials of mine? They're heckuva old and my drawing technique and style has changed a lot since then. Should probably either delete or update 'em or something...

What'cha think?