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Riley "Circuit" Sweiss, a main character of a Fallout/Pokemon hybrid comic I'm working story for.

Essentially, Fallout events happening in Pokemon world, where they have evolved into more antrhopomorphic form. Riley is a survivor of the Great War, blasted on the face by nuke, but survived because intervention of couple Porygons who pulled her into digital world to repair her. Unfortunately, these "repairs" took nearly 200 years, and she spent that time in repeating simulation loop of her final day before the war... only to be spit back out into the ruins of the Old World.
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That's a rather large antimateriel rifle, I wonder what they're going up against.
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Oh, she just likes big guns. =P
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Yes, but otherwise it just sits around looking lethal and collecting dust.  Maybe they hunt mutant Aggron or something, or perhaps the Titanic Tyranitar.  Or maybe that last one's just in the prewar movies from Unova...
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Very good drawing.