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The Dynamic Uno

Just a little piece I did of the Artful Dodger (Humanized!) for my landmark of 5k followers on instagram! Go check me out there ;) 
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ok dodger has become a ladies man all boyfriends beware
HareTrinity's avatar
You nailed it with this one! :nod:
Toongirl18's avatar
He's so handsome!
mspace2000's avatar
Which film is this?
MislamicPearl's avatar
Oliver and Company
WreckItRalphFan180's avatar
Love how you actually made him look like Billy Joel who played Dodger throughout the entire movie😎
atram95's avatar
Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!

kraenieldamage's avatar
This makes me so happy! You could tell instantly who he was!
TheAbbeyRoadie's avatar

Knew right away who this scruffy '80s stud was! Dodger looks wonderful in your style! :heart:
s0alaina's avatar
Right?!! Thank you so much!! XD
TheFoxyEccentric274's avatar
I would SO watch an animated film with THIS guy as Dodger. Awesome design. :thumbsup:
DragonologyDragon's avatar
I really love this piece! Just the smooth line art, the awesome highlights and shading and the textures. Just a really amazing drawing! Seriously great job! :D
BrittyDee's avatar
Instantly knew who this was supposed to be!! You did a great job capturing Dodger as a human, and got even the look of the time it took place in, in his outfit design!!
s0alaina's avatar
Awesome!!! Thank you so much!!! :D
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dark-kunoichi92's avatar
Oh my God, Dodger!  I love Oliver & Company! :D
SUP-FAN's avatar
Oliver (Human that is): What do ya mean? 
s0alaina's avatar
I'm not sure I understand your question.. :/
SUP-FAN's avatar
RP from the movie
s0alaina's avatar
AH! I read it as a sentence and not dialogue.Sweating a little...  I haven't rped like that in a LONG time.Waaaah! 
SUP-FAN's avatar
Oh it's okay. 
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