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Oliver and Company: Humanized!

This is my interpretation of Dodger, Oliver, and Rita if they were human! :D (Big Grin) 

The picture looked so unbalanced with just Dodger and Oliver, so I snuck Rita in there (because she's one of my favorite animal characters ;) )

See more Disney animals as humans!:
Lady and the TrampAristocats, Lion KingJungle Book, Bolt
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Just recently re-watched this movie underrated classic

Oliver's TRUE Mom and dad

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Great humanized versions of the characters!

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I prefer it if it was set in the 1950s New York!

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Anyway the one next to the child the man looks fantastic Italian
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I'm confused for only 1 reason...
Why does Human Dodger look like Peter Parker?
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Cause he's from Brooklyn yo!

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Awww. So cute. Reminds me of a father, son and mother happy together.
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Rita ain't bad that way.

I totally see it! kinda wish they had done that.
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awwww that is so cute! I love it
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I have wierd thoughts about Oliver and Company, but nice drawing.
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That was YOUR art on Buzzfeed!!! MIND BLOWN!
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Found an article about these on LDS Living, it totally blew my mind! Fantastic work! :) I especially love how you portrayed Oliver :D
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I wonder how the rest would've looked like
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Workin' on them right now! :D
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Dodger looks like either Booker Dewitt or Matt Smith!!
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