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Lion King: Humanized!


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This is my interpretation of Simba and Nala if they were human!
"This is Nala! She's my BEST FRIEND!!:D (Big Grin) "
I originally wasn't going to draw them because I already have a favorite version of them as humans! But I today I thought "WHY THE HECK NOT!I am a dummy! " So I did it.

I try to keep character consistency with facial features and colors (with a bit of inspirational flair from the musical).
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That is not at all what I imagined Simba looking like. I personally thought he would look like Jesus of Nazareth😂

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Nice! i'd give him longer hair, really accentuate the mane. I also agree with Spiritmuffinz, i'd imagine nala having a tad lighter brown skin to reflect the fur color difference between them. but i still love this!!!

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I imagine Nala to still be somewhat lightskinned, but still a cute design!

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I've been trying to find this!!! Finally, humanized "Lion King" characters who actually look like the local people!

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This looks much more accurate than the other Lion King humanizations I've seen.

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And they're not white washed!  I love this!
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Human Nala is giving me a Nakia aura feeling! :D
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Finally someone who realizes TLK is set in africa and that africans aren't white!

I think it would be possible for human Simba to have red hair, the gene that causes that can be found in africa too.
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Original Africans not are Black.
Original Africans - Hamites(Modern North African peoples)
East and South Africans - Capoid race(Khoisans)
Central Africans - Blacks(Bantu, Nilotic)

Original Africans are Black

Original Africans- Khoisan, Nilotic, Bantu, Niger Congo

North Africans are a mix between Nilotic and Arabs

White people are not African nor do they exhibit any phenotypes that are adapted to African climate.

Nice try colonizer

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I doubt they were white-looking either.

And TLK's time setting is completely vague anyways.

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Yeah, I'm working on some redesigns for this! I'd love to give him the beautiful red mane he deserves XD
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this is great because it's more logical because the Lion King is in Africa and they are from africa omgggg dsfkjklnfmkldjn its so good
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Especially Nala.
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They're so pretty!
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'I don't mind the race at all' what's that supposed to mean??
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They look a lot like their movie selves even without the light skin/fur colors. ^_^ ...I know they're African, but usually when someone portrays them that way, they tend to seem off to me. But it works this way. I think it's their eyes, and noses and expressions. And maybe their hair, too.
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Finally, a picture with regional accuracy. You're one of the few people who realizes that the movie takes place in AFRICA!
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I saw this in a video from this YouTube channel called BuzzFeed!!!
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This is gorgeous! I love the colours and the facial expressions. I saw the musical a few days ago and it was spectacular! The opening was my favourite scene. I like how you made the costumes like those in the musical too Heart  
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Breathtaking. I think I've fainted.  

I can see the inspiration from the Broadway traditional clothing and face markings.

And I just love how they still look like Simba and Nala, even humanized.  Heart Heart Heart 
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for once they're not just a bunch of white people
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