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Lady and the Tramp: Humanized!

This is my interpretation of Lady and Tramp if they were human! I had LOADS of fun doing this!!I am a dummy! Lady and the Tramp 

(maybe a work in progress, still deciding if I want to shade or not)
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some animal characters look so good human

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Omg, I saw this on Tumblr ages ago ahhhh!!! ❤❤ So cute!!
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Very nice and they look very good do you think you could do a pic of Si and Am if they were human?
Very Clever and cute, who would have thought of it.   "YOU DID"
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Oh, my goodness! This is pretty good looking! Amazing! :) 
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I love this! Its too cute!!! 
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omg you're great with this ;W;
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Your artworks are simply stunning, you manage to capture their facial expressions and personalities so well! Yours are the most perfect humanized animated animals I've ever seen (your WIP Spirit portraits had me weeping, they are flawless)!
Thank you so much for these beautiful drawings, may your creativity never cease to flow :) <3
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This is one of my favorite artworks of Lady and the Tramp. I love this art work and all your other artworks as well!! Lovely job and well done
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Heh, that's cute. 
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This is neat work! I think Lady reminds me of Hermione from the Harry Potter movies.
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One of my favorites!Lady and the tramp 
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Lol it's great
They're bloody similar to Jack and Rose in Titanic ahah
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This is so wonderful!!!! :D (Big Grin) Love Love 
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Tramp looks so awesome and full of sass. 8D
These your works are so beautifull! <3 Would you try to draw Charlie and Itchy as a humans? U know that movie: All dogs go to heaven one and two? There is Charlie and Itchy. :3
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For me this is the most accurate version of the lady and the tramp :D
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This is really beautiful! :D
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Amazing work!!!!!   :)  So lovely!
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