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Disney Horses: Humanized!

This is my interpretation of Samson, Pegasus, Frou Frou, and Khan if they were human! :D (Big Grin) 
I just chose a few of my favorite horses, and I may do some more! Still laughing about how Frou Frou is virtually the only female disney horse XD

See more Disney animals as humans!:
Lady and the TrampAristocats, Lion KingJungle BookBoltOliver and Company, Tarzan
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frou frou dear you fab!

SuperSabre-Tooth's avatar

Would Samson like a carrot? Pegasus would pass for an angel.

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OMG! They Look Just Like Their Animal Counterparts But In Human Form! My Favs Are Samson And Frou Frou.

Frou Frou is from The Aristocats isn't she?
Khan doesn't look amused  :lol:! but I love this! XD.. Pegs looks psycho though .. haha!..
PreciousGaby's avatar
Now thanks to you I kinda ship Frou Frou with Khan. They look so nice.
Sner2000's avatar
This is so great, I love it! You've got to do another one, with Captain (101 Dalmatians), Phillipe and Achilles! And Buck from Home on the Range.
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You need to do another one for Major (Cinderella) and Philippe (Beauty and the Beast)
s0alaina's avatar
I do. I've tried drawing Maximus three times now and each time he didn't look right. So I'm totally working on it XD
LizzyChrome's avatar
I LOVE Pegasus, and the Aristocats' horse is my next favorite. 
Kaitoraikan's avatar
No need to ask why the long faces :D *avoids deadly shurikens to the face* Okay, okay, I'm out !
PrayerGirl1's avatar
I love Khan! His snooty face!
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these look amazing!! and if you need another Disney horse then buck from home on the range counts, and bells horse I cant remember his name
vix-cnf's avatar
amazing! khan looks specially accurate :)
ScumKing's avatar
Literal horse faces!
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u forgot Achilles! the best of all!
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I started choking at Pegasus... His face is freaking mean!
Though I adore his wings, they look amazing!!
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Wow, these are weird but really cool at the same time!  I'm amazed how you were able to capture each movie's style AND keep the horsey features AND make them all look human too!  Great job!
Art-of-Shannon-Lee's avatar
This is incredible omg. You have inspired me. I will now embrace sketches rather than trying to do plain old clean lineart. Sketched lines are just so much more beautiful and I think more people should keep their lines loose like yours. In fact, in the old classic Disney animations you could see the little subtle construction lines so this style is extra cool and I love it so much! I adore your work.
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ahahaha this is pure genius! I can recognize them ll and that's really hard to accomplish! good job!
Try Maximum and Pascal if you please.
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Wonderful work!Happy Together 
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