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Aristocats: Humanized!

This is my interpretation of Duchess and Thomas O'Malley if they were human!

I think this one was harder, because O'Malley's such a bulky character, in face and build, so he makes kind of a funny looking human. And maintaining the 1900-1910s look was hard to do for Duchess because her hair would look much better as a 20s girl~ but I found an appropriate hairstyle :)

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I prefer when Disney fans humanized the animals charas from Disney movies.

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I love how you kept the sketchier style of the film. It really adds an extra something!

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What software did you use when you humanized Duchess and Thomas O'Malley? you did really good.

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Duchess looks so pretty here! 😍

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Even the lineart is like the movie, great job!

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Humanized Duchess And Thomas Look Just Like Their Animal Counterparts! I Mean They're Humanized But They Still Have Their Animal Appearance Face Wise.

MislamicPearl's avatar
Oh my gosh you even got down the sketchiness of the lineart! And the character designs are *perfect*! X3
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It’s downright impressive how you captured the style of the cartoon here as well as the personality of the characters. I actually tracked this down from a YouTube compilation click bait video with no regrets.
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oh my god this is simply gorgeous ;w; 
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I have to hand it to you; these two actually somewhat look like Eva Gabor and Phil Harris (the pair's voice actors).
PrayerGirl1's avatar
You are so freaking talented! Even the style of your art matches the movie! :O
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Oh this is perfect! Totally fits! Great work :)
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This captures their personalities SO well!
She's refined, high-class, polite, but still open, friendly, enjoying the experience and amused by this street-smart fellow she's come across as she knows he's trying to impress her.
He's a laid back grifter with a heart of gold, trying to impress the beautiful lady he's stumbled across with his street knowledge, still coming across as a bit of a goofball.
Duchess and O'Malley, alright!
Art-of-Shannon-Lee's avatar
This is so awesome oh my gosh it is my favourite one. She looks perfectly delicate and he has an adorable chin.
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Wow. Thomas is kinda hot lol
Ellecia's avatar
Totally Awesome :thumbsup:
Imaginative-Mind's avatar
ooooh i love this one!!!!
Silent--Jay's avatar
Augh I love this movie and this piece is just great!
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