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Niza Computer Maint 005D

This was just to good not to share with all of you. This was rendered in response to a comment in the Cross Time Cafe forum concerning a computer server coding issue. Just the thought of rendering this little guy with a BIG Fricken Hammer had me laughing so hard I nearly peed myself. *snerk*

3D artwork, modeled, rigged & rendered using LightWave, w/Sasquatch Hair/Fur plug-in.
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"No! No! Get away from my toes!"
*runs quickly in the other direction*
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Nice dynamic pose.  You could have had the tongue weather-vaned back  to help emphasize his forward motion. 
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I'd say it's a magic hammer -- it has a very good chance of fixing the problem, whether hardware, software, firmware, or even user idiocy (especially if the user is within reach). And a very slight chance of some highly random effects, such as converting data constructs into physical ones.