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Kathy CTC Costume Color 777x960

One of a series, of digital artwork, for a collection concerning the CTC Carnival Celebration.  Original hand-drawn, scanned and colored in Photoshop.  Circa 2009.
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I believe I'd seen this before, perhaps on your website or the forums, but now that I'm here I must say it's quite the nice look for her! Nicely done, even if you get hyena glares for it! XD
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This is one of my all-time favorite pieces of your artwork, Pony!  Thanks for putting it up in your gallery!  :)
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BTW... Happy Birthday  :D
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Thank you!  We'll be spending it at Westpark Farm.  Best wishes to you on yours, too!
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No special birthday plans for me.  Can't afford to do or get the things I'd like.  I was planning on making up some home-made chocolate pudding. 
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It's a good look for her!

(As long as she doesn't run afoul of near-sighted turkey hunters around Thanksgiving time!)
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very nice indeed =)
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