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The Hobbit*
Four-piece sketch card set; each card measures 2.5" x 3.5".

- Graphite
- Ink
- Marker
- Colored Pencil
- White Paint (highlights)

Ian McKellen as "Gandalf"
Martin Freeman as "Bilbo Baggins"
Evangeline Lilly as "Tauriel"*
Cate Blanchett as "Galadriel"
and of course, "Gollum"

*EDIT: This piece was submitted Oct 17, 2012; almost two months PRIOR to the release of the film. I'd heard conflicting reports that "Tauriel" would appear in THE HOBBIT, but apparently she's in the second installment of the prequel trilogy. Hope that answers any questions about why that character is included in the above artwork. ;)
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Awesome! Your really talented.
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WOW!! Could I put this in my tribute to middle earth music video? You will be credited.
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Not a problem! Looking forward to seeing it! Thanks!  ;)
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Many thanks!!  ;)
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do you do request art?
Beautiful work!!
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THIS IS AWESOME!!!! by the way when you say ink do you mean you painted with ink or is it outlining certain features of their faces??
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Looks great, but I'm not a great fan of Tauriel. I prefer seeing Dis in a movie than another Elf-maiden.
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Haha... thanks very much! ;)
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Many thanks!! :D
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Thanks man - much appreciated! :D
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Nice I lik bilbo and Smeagol.
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Thanks very much!! ;)
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