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gold sickness

Gold sickness picture (with heart-shaped Arkenstone for my sister (it’s Heart of the Mountain so it has to be heart-shaped ^^ ) )
I sooo needed to draw some non-school work, totally enjoyed drawing this :3333 

version without coloring here -… :)
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I'm really curious how would Overwatch characters look in your style to be honest
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Wow. This picture tells the whole story. The marbley lines above the king are like ruminating thoughts, and the background of the hobbit feels pure and innocent.
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This is so wonderfull done. There are so many little details in this picture but they all fit into place and don't create chaos. The contrast between the white wall and the dark hall is perfect aaaand I love Bilbo's tiny feet XD
Tinling-Liu's avatar
OMG This is so beautiful!
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Gawd your stuff is soooo good I love what you've been doing with marbled paper lately!
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You are officially my favourite artis on dA...
every piece of work of yours is just pure brilliance!:D
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this is absolutely glorious, all the details and the poetry... You are a great artist.
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ugh this is too gorgeous for words <3
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I really love with all my heart all the details on your work! 
this one is so pretty and sad, but I still love it! >u<  :heart:
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haha thank you ^^
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Woah, I love how you used the white pillar. 
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OH LORDY. This is amazing!
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I just saw this movie a few weeks ago.... :) This is really awesome, seriously! I like the texture and balance.
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This looks really nice! Great job!
s-u-w-i's avatar
thank you so much :3
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That is one fantastic illustration! Especially since it is so unique in its interpretation of the subject and ignores the movie so blissfully. What a clever move, setting the composition up as two different partitions and thus narrating the conflict as well as making it feasible. Great work!
s-u-w-i's avatar
haha still I feel I'm already way too influenced by the movie (much more then I would like to ><)

I'm really glad you like it ^^ Thank you very much :3
CharlotteHintzmann's avatar
Now that you mention it: Your Thorin Oakenshield looks just as handsome as Richard Armitage :).
s-u-w-i's avatar
hahaha XD I can't help it >< Some part of my mind still imagine Thorin as the really old, grumpy, unpleasant dwarf with really long beard and blue hood but I just can't made myself to draw him like that DX
CharlotteHintzmann's avatar
damn handsomeness pervading a mind so effectively ;).
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