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Jeeves and Wooster

Tuppy, Gussie, Bingo, Bertie, and Jeeves ♥
Something Jeeves and Wooster for the Anonymous who asked about it. Thank you for the tip! I enjoyed watching it so very much c:
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son personajes de alguna serie o novela?

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Gussie and the newts XD. This is amazing.

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This is the best! Jeeves and Wooster for the win

Book cover worthy

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Haa, this is absolutely beautiful! :D I could tell who everyone was immediately. What a joy!
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Love it! I adore Jeeves and Wooster!...
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They're all so expressive! Amazing, really.  :)
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AWWWWWW this is so sweet!! I love Jeeves & Wooster :) You captured all the characters really well.
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Glad you like it!
Well, all the characters are just so wonderful! They're a pleasure to capture ♥
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And Miss Angela Bassett!

I've been keeping this illustration in my notifications for a long time, because it makes me happy to see it.

I love Tuppy all red-faced, and I love Gussie's little newt habitat.  You've brought all of these great characters to life!
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Thank you! It made me very happy to draw it too.
Hehe, it's a pleasure to bring them to life as they're all so very lovely!
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I was going to ask which is your favorite story line, or favorite character, but I can't choose myself... it's impossible.  :)
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Great poses and expressions!
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Thank you ♥
I love this gang!
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They're the best! 
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I'd love what a variation of the animated the titles using your style would look like.
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This is fantastic! I love their socks. 
s-u-w-i's avatar
Thank you! Painting socks is the best!
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Everyone in here looks very good~!
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