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Nobody lets you leave

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Harry’s trying to cure him isn’t he?
Preseli's avatar
This is wonderful! :iconblacklovelyheartsplz:
S-U-U-N's avatar
Thank you!)))
1woof1's avatar
Did this come from a fanfic?
S-U-U-N's avatar
From all fanfics together, or may be any..))
Sevylove's avatar
AHHH is harry? o james? I love it wow I love it
S-U-U-N's avatar
Yes, it's Harry)) Thank you!
Sevylove's avatar
thanks to explain me... the are so lovely beatiful
GianniSnape's avatar
Wow, stunning work!
I love the way, how sharp the bodies and faces of Harry and Severus are - yeah, and especially Severus' whole body and his posture is just amazingly done! This ribcage...and his hair *-* I just love it!
Of course, the intention is kind of a really cruel one, just like seeing Severus in such an agony... but that's wonderful.
S-U-U-N's avatar
Thank you very much!)))
pythiadelphi's avatar
It's funny, because I didn't pay attention to the title at first, and thought Snape was in the throes of ecstasy, and not agony. Remarkably similar expressions and posture though, don't you think, down to the hand clenching the bedsheet.

What I mean is, I really like this!
S-U-U-N's avatar
Can't disagree)))
But a small details, determining the fashion - the cramped eyebrows, clenched teeth, intense face muscles. Not in throes of ecstasy)))
And very much thanks for this remark!
Lilly-F-lie's avatar
Beautiful work, as others have said the drawing of Snapes body is amazing. The whole composition has such tension. Wonderful.
S-U-U-N's avatar
A lot of thanks!))
perverse-idyll's avatar
This is beautiful. An odd word for such a painful scene, but the way you've drawn Snape's body is mesmerizing. The sharpness of his face, the agony in it, is hard to look away from. There's so much intensity here. I also love how you've imagined Harry, his concentration and maturity. And the spill of Snape's hair, the way he claws at the sheet, the extraordinary arch of his ribs -- poor Severus. So much suffering and yet so gorgeous. The story implied by this scene is extremely private and clenched tight with emotion. And I like how perfectly you've caught the difference in ages, without making Snape too old or Harry too young.

Marvelous work. I've had this open in a tab all day so I could look at it over and over again.
S-U-U-N's avatar
Awww.. Thankings to you for such kind words! You have provided to me a smile till the morning)))
accioslash's avatar
Oh, that's remarkable.
sassynails's avatar
Ой, это очень прекрасно, словами не сказать как.
ensomhet-svartskog's avatar
indeed! or nobody wants to let you leave :C

joeyv7's avatar
This is such a compelling scene - can you give us some background info about what's going on? :eager:
S-U-U-N's avatar
It simply my protest to a kanonny ending. I imagine how it can develop in another way. Just picturing of some moment. May be somewhere there another character as Hermione or Pomfry or somebody else. I would like it was Harry.)))
Honestly, the anatomy question was more interesting to me - at first the imagination drew the picture, and then justification came..=)
joeyv7's avatar
Sometimes, those turn out to be the best ones :nod:
RavensQuill's avatar
Gorgeous work! The way Severus' body is bowed and Harry hovering really brings up the question of what got them to this point. Well done.
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