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because you are all crazy here I have 1054 Deviantions with my stock until now here on DA! The quality standart is so high and I love all the results a lot. Some pictures really touch my dark soul Heart  but I am happy about every single one. So many artists here support my work with wonderful features, donations on my donation pool, giving memberships and support (thank you so much juansixx1961.deviantart.com/) or supporting me with wonderful comments and inspiration.

First I love to show you my most successful stocks here on DA. It is a funny fact that they are all from different shoots.

Stock - 5 ... Otto and Victoria .. pirate by S-T-A-R-gazer  Stock - Black and gold Vampire Queen Faun Demon 43 by S-T-A-R-gazer Stock - Maleficent 20 by S-T-A-R-gazer Stock - Gothic Flower wind field 1 by S-T-A-R-gazer Stock - Bloody tears pure 3 by S-T-A-R-gazer Stock - Gothic Queen Headdress light by S-T-A-R-gazer Stock - Justicia art nouveau gothic style  NEW by S-T-A-R-gazer

These are Daily Deviantions including my stock (I am really proud of)

Through The Valley Of Death by JayGraphixx Le Cabinet de Curiosites - Yotika by AlexandraVBach Reborn from Ashes by annewipf The Holy Grail by EligoDesignBean-nighe by hankep

I got DDs for this stockpictures

Stock - Baroque Lady with dogs  gothic romantic by S-T-A-R-gazer Stock - Bloody tears pure 3 by S-T-A-R-gazer Stock - 5 ... Otto and Victoria .. pirate by S-T-A-R-gazer Stock - Maleficent 20 by S-T-A-R-gazer

CHALLENGE / CONTEST  (Update ... added one more picture)

Because I love all of your works so much and NEVER will have enough of them Love I love to make a little private Challenge / Contest  with stocks I choose for you to be used for this (one or more). I only choose stocks that never or not much used but which I really love . 
(Deadline will be 24.12.2017 at midnight european time). 
Not only for photomanipulation  for sure traditional art and crafting for example is really cool too!

PRIZES (I love to offer you something for sure :D (Big Grin) )

1st place
: I will write a feature for you and give 500 points + a special stock unique for you (open for suggestions)
2nd place: 300 points 
3rd place: 200 points
4-10 place: 100 points 
Feature from summerdreams-art.deviantart.co… will include all winners from the contest.

 wesley-souza.deviantart.com/ donates 1 premium stock to all the winners!

Feature for all winners by charllieearts.deviantart.com/

The winners will be selected by me and my family.
Post your entry in the comments please I will try to put all together to one collaction (it is my first contest I try to do my best)
(I added one stock because I got after starting the contest.. but now nothing will be added or changed )

Stock - Listen to the darkness gothic woman purple by S-T-A-R-gazer  Stock - Burton style woman sits in flowers by S-T-A-R-gazer Stock - Faun on a rock fantasy dark voodoo dream by S-T-A-R-gazer Stock - Voodoo witch blind 3 by S-T-A-R-gazerStock - Gothic ..waiting for a raven? some magic? by S-T-A-R-gazer Stock - Gothic woman with roses 2 by S-T-A-R-gazer Stock- Halloween special Fire Demon portrait by S-T-A-R-gazer Stock - Black angel dark gothic sad melancholic by S-T-A-R-gazer Stock - Headdress Nox Aurum Vampire hand pose by S-T-A-R-gazer Stock - Gothic baroque lady dreaming pose by S-T-A-R-gazer Stock - Melisandre red priestess looking at skull by S-T-A-R-gazer Stock - Sugarskull make look down sad by S-T-A-R-gazer

You find the winners of the contest here  Callenge winners from 1000 pictures with my stockChallenge winners from my 1000 pictures with my stock challenge 
First thanks a lot to all artist that take part at this contest. I am overwhelmed by the fantastic 40! results and it was so hard to choose the winners. I love all of your art and so it takes some time and I needed the help from my friends a family to make my choice. I really hope that nobody is sad I really wanted you all to win. 

1st place
: I will write a feature for you and give 500 points + a special stock unique for you (open for suggestions)
2nd place: 300 points 
3rd place: 200 points
4-10 place: 100 points 
Feature from summerdreams-art.deviantart.co… will include all winners from the contest.
 wesley-souza.deviantart.com/ donates 1 premium st

At last my all time favorites:

Hallow-ing Death by SummerDreams-Art

Queen of Pumpkins by JayGraphixx

L'arrache-coeur by PlacidAnemia

The Answered Prayer by AusWolf666

Halloween's night by Amaranta-G

The Morrigan by MarcoHerrera

Stealing Moonlight by maiarcita

Halloween by Black-B-o-x

One Way Ticket To Bling Bling Land by Black-B-o-x

To our sacred badlands by JaiMcFerran

Mist by sofijas

Madness by Ariel87

Dark lady by CindysArt

Notte by CobaltOfMarch

Fog Forest by mshellee

Eyrie by Notvitruvian

Save me from my soul by JaiMcFerran

Melancolie by QiLlathea

Vampirequeen by sonjagatetodreamsart

Missing You by sonjagatetodreamsart

1793 Ireland banshee by Carrion-of-Ro

The Great Divide by Ariel87

Time To Promenade My Fishes by Lora-Vysotskaya

Just You And Me by Black-B-o-x

Blind Justice by BenjaminHaley

Life Is A Journey by ChristofCreations

La promenade alchimique by Aramisdream

on the meadow... by mirandaarts

Clair de lune by CeliliaWonder

**** by mirandaarts

They're always late! by Black-B-o-x

The Lamb Collector (2015) by Kiriya

Let's go.... by mirandaarts

HELLP by sara-hel

The dark mage by FeriAnimations

At Dawn by Art-Light-Magic

Destiny... by ThyC-Graphics

.searching my direction. by ConfuseDays

Harry Potter: Rita Skeeter by SYLVIAsArt

Baroness Samedi by Eithnne

Freedom by kimsol

Ice Circus by Eternal-Dream-Art

Solstizio D'inverno by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A

in the fog ... by mirandaarts

Merlina by InertiaRose

Ghost bride by OlgaSava

Corpse Bride by Metalius666

Dress... by Dark-Indigo

Astronave Madre by CobaltOfMarch

Key to my Heart - (Simple Manip) by Wesley-Souza

Wings by jhutter

The Corpse Bride by Kallaria

The bride of darkness by aninur

Lady Raven by SuzieKatz

Agony by Iskander1989

Thoughts of Sorrow by AndyGarcia666

Retouching 1 by RaquelKortizo

Birdcatcher by AliaChek

Balderdash Fishes by babsartcreations

Sorry some of them where featured earlier too but I like to show all my favorietes in one again. :D
© 2017 - 2022 S-T-A-R-gazer
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Thank you for your amazing Stock!
My Entry:
The Enchantress' Secret by BadAssSpartaSpawn
S-T-A-R-gazer's avatar
Hi, I am too sad.. your picture is wonerful but it is not one of the stocks I choose for the contest :(
Willow-Bree's avatar
Oh my gursh! You are kidding, right?
I thought this was in the line up of stock you chose?
Stock - Black and gold Vampire Queen Faun Demon 43 by S-T-A-R-gazer   OMG! I see now... The choices are the last section of photos aren't they! Derp! And I am out of time, huh? Crappy doo da! 
S-T-A-R-gazer's avatar
I am really sorry but i cannot take it for the contest to stay fair to the other participants  :(
Willow-Bree's avatar
I understand sweetheart! It's my bad. But hey... at least I got to make an awesome art work using your amazing stock! Just let me know if you have another contest, please. :)
S-T-A-R-gazer's avatar
Ariel87's avatar
Hello dear, this is my entry for the contest <3 Cold Blood 
S-T-A-R-gazer's avatar
S-T-A-R-gazer's avatar
MegapixelMasterpiece's avatar
Hi Sabrina, here's my entry:
A Star Among stars by MegapixelMasterpiece
S-T-A-R-gazer's avatar
jiajenn's avatar
My entry 
Bleeding Heart by jiajenn
Thankssssssssssssssssss :rose:
S-T-A-R-gazer's avatar
LualaDy's avatar
there you go!!!!
Umai by LualaDy
jiajenn's avatar
Hi !!! My 3th entry for your contest 
Miracle Lake by jiajenn
Thanks a lot !
S-T-A-R-gazer's avatar
Amaranta-G's avatar
Hi, Sabrina, this is my entry:  Queen of the Damned by Amaranta-G
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