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NX303 Tramp Freighte_deck plan

The NX-303 Tramp Freighter is a common sight in star-ports a cross known space. Manufactured by Kall'yah Fleet Systems it epitomizes their basic design philosophy "The cargo is most important". Only requiring three crew to maintain normal flight operations the ship has a 100 tone internal cargo bay that runs the length of the ship underneath the main deck. The ship also has a number of grapple hooks and a standard docking mount allowing a 200 tone cargo moduel to be mounted over top of the ship. The ships powerfull engins would alow the craft to tow an additional 1000 tones of cargo with a second set of grapples mounted on the bottom of the craft.

Many of these ships are modified to operate as inter system tugs/ wreckers, search and rescue craft, or as salvage ships. Towing large chunks of capital ships back to port for salvage.
(some reports indicate that a number of pirate clans use these ships to transport disabled transports away from known shipping lanes to be boarded and raided at their leisure. Roomer has it that a Coalition patrol ship was disabled by a small pirate fleet and carted off by four of these ships and now serves as the flag ship of the Bartos Pirate Clan.)

((Hay all this another in the series of ship designs I made for a RPG campaign that I did with some friends awhile ago. I did do a basic external view of the craft but it sucks so if any one wants to do a better one please go ahead. Also if it works for your game please use it [if you want stats or more info drop me a line :)].

I did a few other ships to and I'm working on some so Ill post them when I got them done.))
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Really like cross sections, think i know your style from RPG´s of the 90´s what makes a good job.
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i like the deck layout.