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2012 cosplay meme

Alright, so I was tagged by :iconakanesuzumiya: =D
Here we go:


* Prince Nuada - Hellboy II: The Golden Army
* Morrigan Aensland - Darkstalkers (alternative version)
* Ashura - RG Veda
* Howl - Howl's Moving Castle
* Psylocke - X-men
* Tyrande Whisperwind - World of Warcraft
* Harley Quinn - Batman (alternative version)
* God-eyed Galatea - Claymore
* Poison - Final Fight ( a gift asked for Tiago <3)
* Zagato - Magic Knight of Rayearth


* Harley Quinn - reboot version
* Dark Sun Gwyndolin - Dark Souls
* Jinguuji Ren - Uta no Prince Sama
* Sebastian Michaelis - Kuroshitsuji
* Alto Saotome - Macross Frontier (lolita version)

Work in progress:

* Prince Nuada - just need to make the weapons.
* Morrigan Aensland - done! (waiting for Lilith XD)
* Ashura - wig, lens and shura-tou ok
* Howl - wig and lens ok
* Psylocke - wig and lens ok
* Tyrande Whisperwind - wig, make up and ears ok
* Harley Quinn - wig, fabrics and something more ok
* God-eyed Galatea - wig ok
* Poison - just waiting for the wig to arrive
* Zagato - wig, lens and part of the armor

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Zagato for the win! <3
Ginkid's avatar
Sebastian choquey -q vai se ro Sebby mais perfeito do mundo =O
S-Lancaster's avatar
Espero não decepcionar! ^___^
Ginkid's avatar
E quando que vc decepciona ? heim heim ?! u..u uisdhiusahuidhusai <3
S-Lancaster's avatar
ohhh obrigado sua linda
GiuliaHellsing's avatar
Bóóhh nem posso dizer nada *hemorragia nasal*
S-Lancaster's avatar
Vou tentar não decepcionar!
Yayyyyyyyyy! Another WoW girl :D can't wait!!
Raven2364's avatar
OMG Prince Nuada! Super excited to see you do that. Howl too~!! Are you going to do his coat?
S-Lancaster's avatar
I'm just finnishing the weapons, then Nuada will show up here. And yes, I'll do Howl's coat ^__^
Raven2364's avatar
GAH!! So excited =DD

You're the best! *hugs*
Lionheartssj's avatar
S-Lancaster's avatar
Esse tá me dando um trabalho do cão, mas esse ano sai!!
priihfrasnelli's avatar
Só imagino... mas vai valer a pena hein? E vai merecer um photoshoot lindão! *_*
S-Lancaster's avatar
korogon's avatar
i would love to see some one cosplay as prince nuada and hes sister =3 one of my favorite movies
S-Lancaster's avatar
It's a pity that I didn't find any girl that was interested in cosplay Nuala. But the prince will show up soon! =D
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