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Dag shirts

By S-Hirsack
If you see this, please tell me which one you think I should make (DON'T SAY ALL (or I might be sorely tempted). All shirts that don't have a back displayed would just have "" on the back.


2 vote(s) "Got Dag?"
0 vote(s) "Dag nabbit"
13 vote(s) "Make like a tree"
10 vote(s) "Do the dag"
1 vote(s) "There can be only fun"
1 vote(s) "Dagger+ear"
4 vote(s) "Choose wisely"
3 vote(s) "Problem solver"
1 vote(s) "This is why I'm hot"
4 vote(s) "Let's fight"
0 vote(s) "Let's roll"
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I love them all...
I like 'make like a tree' the most. :)
Spirogs's avatar
these are great!
I know I want the "There can be only fun" one hahah!
I'm from Alterra, otherwise, the Eryndor tree with the stuff on the back is epic =D
A-Dutch's avatar
I've gotta say, I like "There can be only fun." Although the others are awesome as well.
S-Hirsack's avatar

btw, way to steal/alter a gunslinger quote in you sig : P
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Haha, thanks. I love The Dark Tower. I'm on The Wolves of Calla now.
S-Hirsack's avatar
wow... dude, I'm not going to ruin anything for you, but when you get to the last one in the series, Stephen King offers two endings. I don't regret my decision, but when you finish with the first one, you should seriously sit down and think for a long while whether or not you want to take the second.

It nearly blew my mind.
A-Dutch's avatar
Man, now I'm curious, haha. It'll take me a long time to get to the last book, but I look forward to reading it, and I'll keep your words in mind.
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