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Retro Gold

By S-Harkey
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Had fun today with another pin up
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This is so cute! I love your style :)
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Very crisp and clean character design, it's got a great flow through the whole pic! Inspiring stuff!
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Thank you so much
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I love this art style! What is it called?
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I'm not really sure if it has a real name, I'm assuming you mean the flat panels of color with minimal lines.
The look for this originated in the 1940/50s when UPA (google it if you aren't familiar) branched off and started to rebel against the Disney corporation during the animator's strike. They began to simplify the animation/illustration process and followed suit with the modernist movement in fine arts.
There's a nice little blog with some more info on this: [link]
You also might like the work of artists like Mary Blair
I just borrowed from this and did pin ups :) Thanks for looking! Hope you didn't mind the history lesson, haha
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I loved it, thanks so much for taking the time to answer me, i love this art style and look forward to reading about it! Keep up the great work, your pin ups are amazing!!!!!!!
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gorgeous work and wonderful shape. Very classic look.
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Thank you so much :)
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Love this simple style! Gorgeous :)
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Your girls are really cute!=) I like the textures you put in these drawings, how did you made that?
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Thanks! The textures are done in Photoshop, I just get a large photo of the texture I want and set the layer as an Overlay or Soft Light, depending on what looks better, and mess around with the opacity and fill option. Sometimes to get the colors to blend better I go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation and pull around on the three slider bars til it looks right :) I take a lot of my own pictures for textures, but CGTextures.Com is a great resource also

By the way, thanks for stopping by my page. I love your work!
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so pretty! :) i love your retro pin ups! :)
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Nice. There's nothing like a picture of a cute black girl to make my day.
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This is so cute!
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Your welcome!!! Like your vector works!:blowkiss:
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Hehe this is cute, love the simple yet strong shapes
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that's adorable! :D great job keeping the life like anatomy and still keeping it cartoonish at the same time!
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Sweet black magic. :drool:
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