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Due to the increasing unfriendly policies, I've moved on from this site and will be slowly cleaning it up! Let's reconnect at my website at https://swannlodge.com !

You can also see my etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/PlumsandFairies

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Sorry, but finding out on social media that DA is starting an AI system that automatically includes already submitted work is pretty crappy. I will be moving all past deviations off DA. Please follow me at swannlodge.com . Thank you.
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Well as of today, I'm retiring s-girl.deviantart.com. I had a series of unfortunate mishaps the past year that really just took the passion out of me for creating. After some time off, I think I've lost the will and drive to keep up the 2D stuff (i.e., drawing and painting), mostly with the idea of going to conventions and tabling.  Now that I've been out for about a year, I don't feel that pressure to jump back in. I like conventions and artists but only in medium to small venues, and I am not sure anymore that I want to give up work-vacation time to make this a serious activity. Also, I've lost interest in anime and a lot of the fandom s
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Nice gallery

Have a bunny
Hello, it's Bonnie! I met you at Momocon, I was the girl you requested a half body commission of your original character with the long hair in a ponytail. ^^ Since I got your business card I decided to follow you on DA! -Wave!-
Hi Fuu-Kun! I posted up your sketch on my site last night for others to see (talesofthebigbadwolf.com).
I'm not as active here as I am on Twitter (I'm a very spammy tweeter) but I"ll follow you back :) 
Awesome! Thanks for putting my art on your site. ^^ I like the other commissions you were able to get as well! Also I followed you back on Twitter!
I love your Tales of the Big Bad Wolf series!
ah thanks! :D  I'm glad you're enjoying it. Are you also following the second series? 
Whatever writing you have on the website, I'm reading :D I can't wait to see how the Swan Queen arc unfolds!