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Freebane Villains: Shuten Doji by S-E-Nirvana Freebane Villains: Shuten Doji :icons-e-nirvana:S-E-Nirvana 4 0 Freebane Sketch: Sasori 'Backlash' Debal by S-E-Nirvana Freebane Sketch: Sasori 'Backlash' Debal :icons-e-nirvana:S-E-Nirvana 3 0 Freebane Sketch: Ivy 'B.B.' Debal by S-E-Nirvana Freebane Sketch: Ivy 'B.B.' Debal :icons-e-nirvana:S-E-Nirvana 4 0 Freebane Sketch: Oriana by S-E-Nirvana Freebane Sketch: Oriana :icons-e-nirvana:S-E-Nirvana 5 3 Freebane Sketch: Fuego Shiryu by S-E-Nirvana Freebane Sketch: Fuego Shiryu :icons-e-nirvana:S-E-Nirvana 4 0 Freebane Sketch: Talsin Shiryu, the Dragon King by S-E-Nirvana Freebane Sketch: Talsin Shiryu, the Dragon King :icons-e-nirvana:S-E-Nirvana 5 0 Freebane Sketch: Chena Drakonis [Half Form] by S-E-Nirvana Freebane Sketch: Chena Drakonis [Half Form] :icons-e-nirvana:S-E-Nirvana 4 0 Freebane Villains: Chena Drakonis (OLD) by S-E-Nirvana Freebane Villains: Chena Drakonis (OLD) :icons-e-nirvana:S-E-Nirvana 2 0 Freebane Sketch: Runea Debal by S-E-Nirvana Freebane Sketch: Runea Debal :icons-e-nirvana:S-E-Nirvana 4 3 Freebane Villains: Oceana Shiryu by S-E-Nirvana Freebane Villains: Oceana Shiryu :icons-e-nirvana:S-E-Nirvana 6 0 Freebane Villains: Shervyl by S-E-Nirvana Freebane Villains: Shervyl :icons-e-nirvana:S-E-Nirvana 4 4 Freebane Character: Dolorosa by S-E-Nirvana Freebane Character: Dolorosa :icons-e-nirvana:S-E-Nirvana 9 6 [COMMISSION] Double Lamb by S-E-Nirvana [COMMISSION] Double Lamb :icons-e-nirvana:S-E-Nirvana 15 5 Flare Colored (Chapter 540 Coloring) by S-E-Nirvana Flare Colored (Chapter 540 Coloring) :icons-e-nirvana:S-E-Nirvana 15 0 Villainous: Demencia Fanart by S-E-Nirvana Villainous: Demencia Fanart :icons-e-nirvana:S-E-Nirvana 21 0 Freebane Character Bio: Kanaguma by S-E-Nirvana Freebane Character Bio: Kanaguma :icons-e-nirvana:S-E-Nirvana 18 2


Rat Zombi Redesign by Mizz-Britt Rat Zombi Redesign :iconmizz-britt:Mizz-Britt 116 26 Un-Dead Rider Kick by Mizz-Britt Un-Dead Rider Kick :iconmizz-britt:Mizz-Britt 69 54 Tokyo Vampire: Nicky Castle by Mizz-Britt Tokyo Vampire: Nicky Castle :iconmizz-britt:Mizz-Britt 113 59 Albedo by Liang-Xing Albedo :iconliang-xing:Liang-Xing 6,411 169 TRACER!!! by RobotCatArt TRACER!!! :iconrobotcatart:RobotCatArt 1,595 43 MERCY!!! by RobotCatArt MERCY!!! :iconrobotcatart:RobotCatArt 1,752 39 Tokyo Vampire: Ankh by Mizz-Britt Tokyo Vampire: Ankh :iconmizz-britt:Mizz-Britt 134 26 Tokyo Vampire: Natsume Harker by Mizz-Britt Tokyo Vampire: Natsume Harker :iconmizz-britt:Mizz-Britt 383 58 Chubby Vampire by Mizz-Britt Chubby Vampire :iconmizz-britt:Mizz-Britt 386 60 Hex Maniac Vore by mewtwo132 Hex Maniac Vore :iconmewtwo132:mewtwo132 25 1 Android 21 Majin .:18+ optional:. by Axsens Android 21 Majin .:18+ optional:. :iconaxsens:Axsens 2,337 31 Chibis Batch Two by Nightrizer Chibis Batch Two :iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 2,330 59 COMMISSION: Rose Mistel [OC] by Tommo2304 COMMISSION: Rose Mistel [OC] :icontommo2304:Tommo2304 10 2 The Tower by UndeadKitty13 The Tower :iconundeadkitty13:UndeadKitty13 93 11 The Star by UndeadKitty13 The Star :iconundeadkitty13:UndeadKitty13 100 13 The Moon by UndeadKitty13 The Moon :iconundeadkitty13:UndeadKitty13 203 28


Hey everyone! I had decided that I will start uploading sketches of my artwork, and will post digitals whenever I can, that way this gallery can start getting regular updates! I'm not sure how many of you guys are still around, but I hope you'll enjoy!


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Tyron Hunter
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Hello, this is S-E-Nirvana here, and this is my newest gallery, a split off from :iconmmi-hunter:, made explicitly for my action comics. You guys can look out for my involvement in some other series as well, but so far, what I'm working on is:
Onajimi Tamashi


Freebane Villains: Shuten Doji
Here we have Shuten Doji, a Red Oni who hails from the Shadow World. A powerful warrior and a dedicated conqueror, he's often compared to a force of nature in terms of raw power. He leads the Doji Family as well as the Red Oni race, and serves as the Head General of the Nevermore, an army of undead warriors led by Emperor Sutoku, one of the few beings in the Shadow World equal to him in power, and one of the two to ever defeat him in combat.

Shuten Doji (this character, not the actual myth) is owned by :icons-e-nirvana:
Freebane Sketch: Sasori 'Backlash' Debal
And here's the other parent. Backlash is the father of my main characters, and although a bit hardened and sour, he's still a kind man who is hesitant about his kids becoming knights. Among knights, he's known for his "Demolition" techniques, which manipulates explosions in various different ways. He watches over the main heroes as they continue to train, despite officially being retired.

Sasori "Backlash" Debal is owned by :icons-e-nirvana:
Freebane Sketch: Ivy 'B.B.' Debal
Another sketch! This one is of Ivy Debal, the mother of my main characters. Formerly a bounty hunter, she has gone missing years before the first chapter of the story. Infamous for her immense amounts of strength, she was feared by some, and respected by many more. Will she come to prominence during the story? Only time will tell.

Ivy "B.B." Debal is owned by :icons-e-nirvana:
Freebane Sketch: Oriana
Here's another villain in the story, Oriana, the second-in-command of Seiben, another of my story's major villains. Oriana is an Elf, a Light Elf at that. She has a special ability that allows her to create an Egg made of Magic, an egg that, after a certain amount of time has passed, hatches into a monstrous version of her opponent, one that she can upgrade and strengthen at will. A scientist through and through, the only thing she cares about is achieving her master Seiben's goals, and will cross any line to accomplish this.

Oriana is owned by :icons-e-nirvana:
Freebane Sketch: Fuego Shiryu
One of Talsin's two right-hand men, it's none other than his eldest son, Fuego Shiryu, a Fire Dragon and the paragon of Dragon-kind in the eyes of the Spietzii. Fuego is everything expected of a Dragon warrior. Strong, unfaltering, and honorable. Fuego attempts to embody these traits to the best of his abilities, and sees it as his duty as the eldest child of the Dragon King to do so. But underneath all that apparent perfection, maybe there's something else?

Fuego Shiryu is owned by :icons-e-nirvana:


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