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Critique my artwork!

Mature Critique Stamp by Toxic-Decay Mature Critique Stamp by Toxic-Decay Mature Critique Stamp by Toxic-Decay

Despite having a 2:1 in Computer Animation, i want to become a concept artist-if there's something that looks wrong, please tell me how to improve said piece(s).

I'm so tired of comments like:

"This is such an awesome picture."

"The pose is well done"

And anything similar to that.......

I'd rather have comments like this:

"This is a good picture; though i've notice [insert something wrong with picture and tips on how to adjust it /not to make the same mistake again via tutorial link] But on the whole, not too shabby"

That is a critique, the only time i may ask for no critique is if i'm venting about something personal.

I can't improve if all you give me are ass-kissing comments.

Stuff to do....

Cosplay project

Next cosplay outfit.

One Piece themed- Warlord Bartholomew Kuma-COMPLETE!!



Personal projects

-Key to My Heart character Reference sheets:
Tooncil-Inking in Paint Tool SAI-1%

Bolton the weasel-COMING SOON!

*will be doing the 100 palette challenge; using my characters from personal project*-COMING SOON

-Key to my Heart intro cards-Episode 2-Movie night madness-inking in Paint
tool SAI (15%)

Gift Art

Raffle prize for :iconmarkiscomic: 70% complete - my apologies for taking so long to finish it.

-Fan art for :iconpitiyindee: (Coming Soon)

-Fan art for :icondreamkeepers: (Coming Soon)

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October 2018 London ComicCon report..

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 28, 2018, 3:47 PM
  • Watching: random videos on YouTube
  • Eating: nibbles
  • Drinking: Rum and Diet coke

Hi folks, I’ve returned from ComicCon. :D


Here is my report from the three days (well, two days)


Friday 26th October

I left home at 3:30pm to catch the train to Liverpool street, soon, I made my way out from the station and walked it to my hotel (its about half hour to 45 minutes to the place).

Soon I made it there and unpacked, afterwards I made my way to the convention to pick up my weekend priority wristband, but as well as myself, there were several other people who were held up by security and we had to wait.


But by the time we were let out, the people who scanned the tickets had packed up and gone home; I didn’t really mind (though it was a pain in the backside), two kids along with their dad were upset about it (no word of lie, one of the kids said “we came down here for nothing.”) that really broke my heart. L


So I travelled back to my hotel room, grabbed some snacks and my dinner (Burger King) and watched some YouTube videos until the early hours.


Saturday 27th October

Got up at 7:40am, got washed and ready to attend the convention in my brand new cosplay (I was Bartholomew Kuma from One Piece) I walked around for a bit, and then one person saw me in my cosplay and recognised who I was in my outfit (I even took off my glove and showed the pawpad on my palm)

He laughed and said that I even got the pawpad and I hi-fived him.

I carried on walking around and I got a few people at some comic stalls who knew (some knew I was from One Piece, but didn’t know of the character) who liked my cosplay.


I even saw my friend :iconmrechoangel: at her stand and we talked for a bit (I’m so sorry I didn’t make it back to see you again to catch, but I promise you when I attend in May, we’ll catch up)

I then met up with the folks from the UK One Piece FaceBook group outside-which was flippin’ freezing, we were then beckoned over by a guy with a Viking horn (I think it was originally a cup, but it was better used as a horn)

So the One Piece group and various other cosplayers from different franchises came together for a group photo, we even spotted a kid Luffy, we were calling to him, asking if we’d like to join in(of course, he was with his folks-his dad gave consent) and as he ran towards us, everyone clapped and cheered.

Afterwards, many others came in to join in the group photo and we were able to get the photo.

Soon, we then dispersed to our own groups and I was complimented by a cosplayer who was dressed as Lucas from EarthBound complimented my Kuma cosplay.


We then had the photoshoot (which then moved inside due to the cold weather) and…let’s just say that there was many laughs and jokes.


After the shoot, we parted ways; I walked around a bit more then made my way back to my hotel room, grabbed my dinner and fell asleep.


Today Sunday 28th October

Got up a little early today to get ready and leave my hotel room and make my way to the convention (by this time, It was pissing down with rain).

Made my way to the event and got my wristband (but not before some complications, which was then resolved) I then put my large suitcase into storage for a while and walked around for a bit.

I stopped at a few tables to talk to a few artists, one of which was the artists who produces the realistic Pokémon pieces on Twitter (he’s a very sweet guy) I looked through his portfolio and was pointing out pieces of art that I liked, I even cracked a joke with him (long story: how artists tried to come up with the evolution of Voltorb, I told him that I bet all they did was turn the picture upside down, drew eyes and a smile and there were done).

I then moved on and walked around some more, bought some more stuff and met up with the members of the One Piece FaceBook group and had another photoshoot.

Afterwards, I then made my way to the storage room, grabbed my suitcase and made my way home: BUT! Because my usual route home was part closed due to engineering work I had to take an alternate route- normally I would have been cheesed off about this because what should have been an half an hour trip home took an hour or so…but as I was about to walked through the barriers in –censored- I heard a somewhat familiar voice, when I turned, I was met face to face with my crush (my knees were shaking like jelly, but I managed to keep it together)

He actually spotted me, he came out of his booth and grabbed me into a huge bear hug and OMG!! He’s even cuter in real life :heart: :heart:

We talked for a bit, he asked how the family was among other things-he even said that it’s been so hard to try and meet (we’ve been trying to meet up for a while, but because of our jobs its been pretty hard to do this, but he’s promised that we’ll meet up)

We then parted ways, he gave me another bear hug and I caught the bus home :love: (oh boy, he’s going to be in my dreams tonight) :giggle: :heart:

Well, it’s time for me to hit the hay: I’ve got work in the morning ==; (i'll post the photos when i get home from work)

Bye for now!! :wave:

Journal Skin by Rubber-Band-Of-Doom
One Piece (c) Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Toei Animation



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Hey folks, its officially ComicCon season (even though its the early hours of Friday morning) ^^;;

I'm too excited :excited: 

My cosplay is pretty much ready and packed.

So if there's any deviations that I've not seen that you'd like me to comment on before i head off in....several hours (whether it be a commission i paid for etc) please leave a link and i'll leave a nice reply.
Artwork will commence shortly; I've fallen ill over the weekend and its been making feel really sluggish when doing art :sick:

Hopefully i can get my crush's birthday piece before his actual day (its the 18th).

I'm also participating in the Inkotber event; but i'm doing my own list rather than the one everyone's doing.

I'll submit all of them on Halloween night.
Hey guys,

I'll be on Discord tomorrow-i just need today to heal and rest up...been so busy with work and getting stuff ready for Open Day this Monday coming.

I've nearly fallen off tables and chairs whilst doing a majority of the schools display boards -__- (nearly put out my lower back).

Gonna work on my artwork as well as my new cosplay for October ComicCon...
Not long to go, just got to get through this week and next....then i'll be off for the summer for 6-7 weeks...

And boy do i need it.

I'm going to try and work on a overdue birthday gift for :iconmeckelfoxstudio: and one upcoming gift for :iconspeedslide:


S-D-F-Studios's Profile Picture

Artist | Varied
United Kingdom
Before you ask, no i'm not new-i was originally on here under a different username for 9+ years....but left due to backstabbing and misc.

-My actual name is Siobhan-but please call me Shiv.

-I'm a 30+ year old Straight Ally Cartoonist who's trying to break into the art industry. Certified LGBT Ally Stamp by lovemystarfire

-As mentioned before, i'm a Cartoonist; i can draw anthro/human/fantasy etc (i prefer originality)

-I've been working on my project "Key to My Heart" for 10 years and this project alone has helped me to improve immensely

-My artwork rating is between Pg13 to possibly 12a (or on rare occasions 15, depending on the theme of the drawing-s-)
Anything higher than that, and you can look for your porn elsewhere. :I

-I love cosplaying (has been a cosplayer since 2008)

- I use various art softwares, but i tend to use Clip Studio Paint and I've recently downloaded SketchBook in replacement for Paint Tool SAI

-No ass-kissing comments please! It feels wrong and I've not been able to sit down properly for some time :I

Politicly Incorrect and Proud by Stock7000 <---Yes, i'm politically INcorrect ( i'm NOT racist/sexist or homophobic , i just don't bend over backwards so that i become a product of 4KIDs)

-My favourite shows are One Piece (the Funimation version), Mock the Week, QI among a few other shows

-My favourite comics are Nemi and DreamKeepers

-My favourite games are:
-PokemonGO Team Instinct by Infinitum--Nihil
-Pokemon X
-Bayonetta 2
-Pokken Tournament

- I own a 3DS XL and a Wii U (will be getting the Switch soon)

- I have 3 Twitter accounts (if you want either names, please note me and i'll give you a name)

Art Status

Requests: :iconnorequests:_HELL TO DA NO!!

Art-Trades- : Trades - Closed by SweetDuke

Commissions- :iconcommissionsopen: !

Forewarning: :iconnopointcommissions:-they don't help pay the bills or help me buy art equipment

Skype: Note me... *friends only*

Online portfolio:…

HUION Tablet user stamp by MadamStargate

One Piece Stamp 2 by ChrissyM :heart: love this anime

Cosplay Stamp by PigeonMaestro Been a cosplayer since 2007/08

Mock The Week Stamp by Kezzi-Rose << LOVE this show :rofl:

Nintendo Switch Stamp by NatouMJSonic << COMING THIS WEEKEND!!
Anti-Llama Stamp by blazikensweety: <--- Please don't give me any llamas! They're a waste of time ! If you do decide on giving me one...let me just won't get one back!

Artist of the month-AstraAurora

:star: :iconastraaurora: :star:

This lovely lady is such a sweetheart <33

Despite various things that get her down, she always tries to have a positive attitude on life :heart:

I've know this lovely lass since she was in Team Purity all those years ago.

Though I've not had a chance to comment on her more recent pieces of artworks lately due to work and such, there's never been a dull moment where I've seen her artwork pop up in my notifications and it has always made me smile (regardless of what's going on in my life).

I've always loved how she'd interpret my characters from Key to My Heart in her style (whether it be commission/trade or gift)

.: Commission: Dark Shiv :. by AstraAurora .: Mage Shelli :. by AstraAurora .: Com : Bashful Maid :. by AstraAurora .: Com : Nurse The kitty! :. by AstraAurora .: Gift : Sittin Pretty Ruby :. by AstraAurora


Nov 11, 2018
12:31 pm
Nov 3, 2018
6:31 am
Oct 27, 2018
4:35 pm
Oct 25, 2018
2:03 pm
Sep 30, 2018
2:27 pm

I'm saving up to treat myself (will be getting the Nintendo Switch) What games can you recommend me ? 

3 deviants said :excited: I know of a few games
No deviants said :no: Sadly i don't know of any good games as i don't own a Switch
No deviants said Hmmm, i can ask someone; what games are you into ? (please see my comment within)


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