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L. Horizon by S-Class-Destroyer, visual art

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Quick bits of info before you scroll on:

  1. No notes about roleplay

  2. Notes are for important/private matters only

  3. I don't draw with bases that much (if I do, proper credits will be given), I usually base my art on screencaps from the show via the MLP Wiki; or use them as refs for show accuracy. So if you're that one angry basemaker who thought I left one of your works uncredited for, I recommend you think twice before filing a complaint.

Also, I'm not really a fan of replying to every single comment: unless it is important then I will usually get to it as soon as I have the time, though bear in mind every single comment will be acknowledged and read when I have the time to get to it (the same goes for Twitter and any Discord servers that you see me dump my new art on).

Iddc  Twilight Sparkle  Art Status By Majkashinoda
Iddat  Rarity By Majkashinoda626 D9q9r9c
Iddpc  Applejack  Art Status By Majkashinoda626 D9
Iddc  Pinkie Pie  Art Status By Majkashinoda626 D9
Iddr  Art Status  Sunset Shimmer By Majkashinoda62

Besides that, please don't feel afraid to talk to me; I am not as frightening as you might think.

Places of worship:


Equestria Daily (Morning Discussions)

Discord: S-Class Destroyer (MV6) (tag for friends only)

Discord server, recommend you check it out

About me:

I'm S-Class Destroyer (or you may know me by my shortened name: "MV6"), and I do a lot of things which is, well, it's a lot of shit really. I built my name around the Equestria Daily blog back in late 2019/early 2020, but I'm mainly active on Twitter and Discord nowadays but before then you may've known me for my Pony IRL photo works and colourswaps that somehow blew up. I struggled in faith to translate that to a blank canvas where I could draw ponies myself and wouldn't ya know, I somehow managed to set that belief forward by seeing the likes of @MrKat7214, @CloudyGlow, @Melisareb and @jhayarr23. After many trial and error phases, I managed to get to grips with Inkscape to utilise vector graphics to make pone-art with.

My main OC, Emerald Ember and next to her Stealtheon.

Banner art by @Nugget-Dad (a.k.a SkeleVal on Discord)

Emerald Ember ref

My secondary OC, Elyssiánne:

Elys. S.E Ref

My shortened name: "MV6", well is more or less random but is something you can call me if you don't like using the long username that I have already. Well here's where it originates from, unsurprising isn't it?

Feel free to look around at what'cha like

The Destroyer knows you want to! Pinkie Pie Bouncing

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Just realised that it's been over a year now since Eclipse came into place. Still miss the good ol' times :/
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For those wondering, no I am not getting rid of Emerald Ember anytime soon since it would've been a waste givenow much that OC has shaped my online career today. Elysiánne (Elys) just plans to be an extension of that.
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