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Strange Bedfellows

By S-C
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Through some bad circumstances, Daria & Jane got stuck sharing a motel room with The Fashion Club on a road trip, probably for school, or something else. I'm not sure, I can't tell from my ceiling cam ;)

Looks like some chatty girl is about to get hit by a flying alarm clock ;) (Probably poor Stacy, as the clock's cord yanks it down onto her :( )
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Well, I can't say I blame Jane, if she indeed hit Quinn with that alarm clock....

Quinn can be kind of annoying, along with her "friends", so Daria and Jane probably SHOULD hit her with that clock. I hope it's not Stacy...., everything is going so wrong for her in the later seasons.

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Totes hilar scenario.
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Damn, that's good!
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Thank you Luxi :)
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> Thank you Luxi

You're, well... CUM!
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This is so great!!!
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It would be way more troublesome if Beavis and Butthead showed up.
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The expression on Daria's and Jane's face are priceless.
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'Daria, will you take off those stinky socks?'
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Haha. Who said that?
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What I meant by that is the fact that Daria wears socks to bed (the same socks she's been wearing in her boots) and somebody might ask her to take them off (because one shouldn't be wearing socks in bed.)
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Thats actually Jane Lane shaking the alarm clock and there was something odd about that which stood out at me...Isnt Jane the one there that actually WOULD be awake at 3:36am? She has the whole awake all night artist thing going on I thought.

These works are just great though. Im not worthy :)
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bring in some of the male characters and u have urself an orgy
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can't you get a room with two beds?
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I could but they probably couldn't afford it.
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um... yes? lol
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Makes me snicker just a bit. I like this show. :)
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I like to imagine that Sandi doesn't actually want to sleep, she's just like "Other people need to use the phone too, Kuh-winn." :XD:

Actually, who is Quinn talking to if all her Fashion buddies are right there...some guy I guess?
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Probably one or all of the three Js
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They were really interested when she said she was in bed with five other girls. :XD:
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This should have been an episode.
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