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Lawndale Fighters - Players

By S-C
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Player Select - [link]
Daria vs. Jane - [link]
Kevin vs. DeMartino - [link]
Quinn vs Sandi - [link]

Who wants to fight me?
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I do have Clickteam Fusion onboard, so I could try to make the game a reality. Keyword being try. Plus, :iconbeavisplz:, :iconbutt-headplz: and the Burnout Chick would totally be my mains.
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I want this game so badddd.....
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You make me wish this was an actual game. 
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Man, you drew this 10 years ago, and Im just now finding this out.  Great art!  I had a crush on conventional Jane back in the days.  Rita and Amy should be players too, since the Barksdale sisters are always fighting in canon.
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Why does this not exist!!!
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eh... too much work 😫
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Where does foxy Daria appear in Daria?
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Why Isn't This A THING??????
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who is the loked person between Andrea and Butt Head ?
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Just let me play DeMartino! Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy 
Nice work, you are a true fan of the show.  
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Damn it, why is this not a real thing?!
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Damn it, it's my turn to say damn it!
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Beavis - unamused face trace 
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Between Butthead and Andrea. Wondering, who is that?
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Ya gotta unlock to find out :P

hint: someone who likes girls selling chocolate ;)
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we can make it real with M.U.G.E.N .-. do you want it?
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If you got the time to build it, feel free :)
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Something so cathartic about playing Mr. DeMartino and Kevin & Britney.
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