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LF - Daria vs. Jane

By S-C
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Player Select - [link]
Daria vs. Jane - [link]
Kevin vs. DeMartino - [link]
Quinn vs Sandi - [link]
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These are pretty good. 
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I wish it was a real game. I'd play it.
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its amazing :D
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I wish this was a real game. I'd definitely play it.
I love Jane. I only love her that teeny tiny wee bit more than Daria. It's hard to pick a favourite, but it's definitely Jane by a tad.
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We'll see who wins then? haha
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Daria uses 1 Powerup named Sarcasm which weakens Jane.
Jane drinks a potion of *No Care* and attacks back
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I see you've been playing :)
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This is PERFECT, you know? it's just perfect in every single way and you're an awesome artist. congratulations.
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Thanks a lot for the praise
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I love that Daria is using her boots and fists. That is all kinds of amazing. :eager:
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Can I use this as my cover photo? :) Credits will be provided.
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so so cool love it =D
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You know, I really could see someone make MUGEN versions of all of the characters. Now that would be awesome
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I'm liking the picture, as well as the wallpaper on the desktop monitor. Gotta love those Street Fighter cross-overs
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I wish I could see Daria use that boot lol
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This is awesome.

I want to play!
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D: love it.... just love it !!!! <3
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teach me master!!! :3 ahahah
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What would you like to learn young apprentice? XD
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