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Good Mornings wit Daria n Jane

By S-C
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I wanted to do a scene based on the Daria & Jane’s alter-ego from the end of the last Daria movie "Is It College Yet?". The hostesses gave the Fashion Club and Upchuck jobs on the show. Quinn got an extra special job ;)

wip snapshots:
wip1 - [link]
wip2 - [link]
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wip4 - [link]
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This is perfect!!
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Nice tribute to 'Future Daria & Jane'.
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Jane has great legs.
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They're as angular as the rest of her ;)
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this is so cool ^^
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 Do not fret, Daria and Jane; Sandi can be very persuasive when she puts her mind to it.Clap 
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Good details! I like that it's Tiffany who's doing Daria's make-up.
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a great finish and a great work
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Did stacy's boobs get bigger?
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damnrite they did
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Excellent as usual.
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You are an amazing artist!
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awe thanx :}
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haha i'd totally watch this. and i love how you put quinn in this one. haha :D
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thanks! tho I don't think Quinn likes it as much but hey, ratings are rating :>
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Cancelled? NO WAY!--not with their very loyal fanbase behind them.
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Love this as an au.
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You got this idea from the credits of the college one... amirite?
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JANE: "Ahh, this is the life, ain't it, Daria?"
DARIA: "You said it! Nothing like being waited on hand-and-foot by your fellow co-workers..."
TIFFANY: "Um, if you wouldn't mind holding still, Daria... you wouldn't want me to lose the best job I've ever had because I didn't give you enough foundation, would you?"
QUINN (on screen): "Standing by in Iraq, and my hair STILL looks good!"
UPCHUCK: "Oooh, nothing like a couple of... FEISTY! babes... in front of the camera!"
STACY: "Stand by to go on in... three... two... one..."
SANDI (on phone): "Hellooo! Like, what do you MEAN we've been cancelled?!"
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