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Daria vs. Melody Powers

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sketch - [link]
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Daria is left-handed!
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Awesome. Just awesome.
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Thanks! Anything particular about it that you like?
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I would love a Daria comic. 

By the way Jane's words are what I am always screaming at the heroes in stories and on TV. What could be more basic?
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Her real sister saves the day...again

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Awesome. Plain and simple.
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Lol, I loved Daria's portrayal of Melody Powers. I'd read those novels in an instant!
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>_< Epic!!!!!!!!!!
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o-ho-hooo Janey..!
awesome, yep.
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Yep, you are XD
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Janey's got a gun!
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Very clever using Melody. Disaffecto is one of the best episodes of Daria.
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i got a trip outa this XD
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Where can I found this comic???...

Jane rocks with the gun xD....
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You've found it ;)

And yes, Jane + Deagle = YeeughBoi!
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Yeah Go Jane! >=)
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omg i love this
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whatcha like abou it?
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Bwahaha I love it!
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Is there more to this? Because this is awesome!~
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WHOA. So badass! Daria and Jane are the most awesome tagteam ever! XD
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