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Burger World

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Tiffany: "Um guuuys, there's like a fire or something back heeree." ;) lol

Linda (Sandi's mom) made her get a job to payoff her ridiculously high credit card bills she sort of like Quinn did in IICY. To save face, Sandi convinced her followers to join her so now she wouldn’t be suffering alone. Sandi took the highest position she could, Jr. Manager. But that doesn't really mean anything except having to do more work like sweeping, she found to her dismay. Quinn does the selling because her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. She can teach you, but she'd have to charge. She expects (and gets) tons of tips. Stacy is a window girl who holds some kind of record for making the longest line of cars. Don't look too unsatisfied with her service though, or she'll start crying uncontrollably. Tiffany flips the burgers and yes, she does know about the fire. She just tried to stay away from that part of the burning kitchen. But the big smoke you see is mostly from another fire she soon accidentally started and now she can't ignore the fires anymore. So she's reluctantly inconveniencing her coworkers about it. I luv these chickenheads ^_^ wish there was a Fashion Club spin-off show where I can laugh at their convoluted logic and misguided adventures. Part of season 5 was sorta like that anyway I think.

The menu:
Crappy Burger $5.84
Cardboard Burger $4.99
Cheeseburger $5.26
Deep-fried Burger $5.99
Lard Fries $4.25
Gallon Size Soda $4.50
All Beef Salad $6.60
Non-Low Fat Yogurt $5.41 (didn't fit this one)

wanna supersize that? ¬_¬
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Stacy may be a klutz(but it doesn't make me love her any less), but she's not nearly as dumb as Tiffany and Quinn in this.

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this is very well done. The idea that Burger World sells Ultra Cola is a nice touch. Daria in the camera monitor over the register and of course Mrs. Johnson stealing food, and the customer having been a customer (of Quinn's) in the coffee house episode are all great attention to detail.   
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Are they beavis and butthead's replacements?
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pretty much
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This is really cool.
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What's the coolest part? Only Quinn seems cool here haha.
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The whole thing really, it's very comical seeing these four in this setting, definitely something that would happen on the show. 
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I notice that none of these dimbulbs are noticing Mrs. Johansen helping herself to some free French fries in addition to the fire in the kitchen.  Beavis and Butthead couldn't have done a worst job, n'uk, n'yuk, n'yuk!  Well done.  :D (Big Grin) 
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Thanks. Tiffany notices the fire bust doesn't know what to do about it so she's just going to stay away from that side.

When I made this, I made the prices pretty high for the time. Now it's about right if not cheap ~_~
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  You're welcome.  You got that right about the prices.  Nowadays those kind of prices are pretty much par for the course for fast food places.  That's why so many of them had to add "Dollar Menus," otherwise they'd get no business.  What I like is the classic technique of taking established characters and putting them out of character, so to speak.  Anybody who knows the Daria series knows that Sandi and her gang wouldn't be caught dead working a job at a fast food joint, especially if the queen bee of the Fashion Club is reduced to pushing a broom.  And, of course, it would never occur to a vacuum tube like Tiffany to know where the fire extinguisher is.   Again, well done.  :D (Big Grin) 
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I like to see the characters deal with situations they're not used to. This would have made a great ep.
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I fully agree.  Too bad MTV animation never thought about it.  :) (Smile) 
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Haha, I just figured out the customer is the same guy that Quinn sold a phone card to. I can't recall his name right now, even though I just saw the episode yesterday (watching the Daria box set right now).
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These photos you did are pretty good. The characters are all drawn correctly, and acting quite accordingly.
Nice job.
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Beavis and butthead got fired
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Totally in character.
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That... is exactly what would happen.
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It could be happening now O.O
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Is that Daria driving a convertible red sports car on the monitor in the background?
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Yep, that's her. She's very annoyed at the quality of service.
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